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The Key of Success ?

Day 1,888, 09:26 Published in Croatia France by J35000

Hello everybody,

Today we're going to talk about the situation in America, specially about Argentina, Chile, Brazil and USA.

Chile is a member of CoT
USA is trial member of CoT



Argentina and Brazil are actually neutrals.



Everybody know that TWO and CoT are the most powerful alliances in the world.
But, what about America ?

Argentina leaves EDEN few days ago in cause of a bad organisation of EDEN.
This week, the USA joined CoT as trial member.
Argentina has NE'd Chile.

Argentina is neutral and they are searching for an alliance.
We can suppose that Argentina won't join the same alliance that Chile (CoT). They won't come back to EDEN and there are few possibilities that Argentina joins Asgard.
So, TWO looks like the only possibility for Argentina.

Few weeks ago, Brazil and the USA attacked RoC - Taïwan.
The USA declared Brazil as a very good friend and a Brother-In-Arm so if Brazil joins an alliance, we can guess that it will be the same that USA : CoT.

If we follow this plan we have :
Chile, USA and Brazil in CoT
Argentina in TWO.

CoT and TWO are friends but the relationship between Argentina and Chile will always bad because they hate mutually.

So, we'll see tensions between TWO and CoT.
EDEN is loosing speed since some months contrary to TWO and CoT. If there are tensions between CoT and TWO in America, EDEN can concentrate all this strenght in Europa to win some regions.

To conclude, America is the place to keep under surveillance to see tensions between CoT and TWO and at last see geopolitical changes.

Will we see tensions between TWO and CoT ?
Will EDEN take advantages of these tensions to win regions ?
Will Argentina and Chile continue to be natural ennemies ?

Thank you and bye bye !
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~~Chain Shout~~
The Key of Success ?
~~Chain Shout~~


Robert de Fronsac
Robert de Fronsac Day 1,888, 09:53

Greets from France Croatia!

Jessica Binai
Jessica Binai Day 1,888, 10:11

Vraiment de la merde ! Heureusement qu'il y a l'apero time ❤

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,888, 10:35

The relationship between CoT and TwO is the reason why Argentina will not be able to join TwO while EDEN exists. It would actually be easier to Argentina to get a NAP with Chile and join CoT than entering TwO where Argentina has one of its big detractors - Spain.

Being brothers in arms with USA it may appear strange that Brasil did not choose to be a trial member of CoT also, but that has an explanation. Brasil has TwO doors open, and Brasil knows that if EDEN collapses, TwO will be clearly the stronger of the two alliances (because it would absorbe some of the stronger EDEN countries). But if they choose TwO that would create a huge problem in their relationship with the USA. So Brasil is keeping themselves on the fence for as long as they are able to.

Epnoz Day 1,888, 10:52

Bon article, je trouve ça bien ta comparaison entre ces quatre pays, tout cela pour arriver aux relations entre TWO/CoT.

streetvoice Day 1,888, 11:06

"CoT and TWO are friends but the relationship between Argentina and Chile will always bad because they hate mutually."

this sentence doesnt make any sense ....

Bapt78 Day 1,888, 11:08

Bon article, merci !

kek11 Day 1,888, 11:32

On Ceux une version française !

Amboise Day 1,888, 12:43

sympa, mais je ne pense pas que TWO prendra le risque de se brouiller avec CoT juste pour l'Argentine.

kaeguon Day 1,888, 12:52

kek +1

bon article, mais c'est long de traduire... ^^

eMadbul Day 1,888, 14:28

voté très bon article comme d'hab!

benjiparis Day 1,888, 18:22

non mais pas besoin d'être mentaliste pour comprendre ou meme supposer ce qui va se passer.

1/ l'argentine ne rejoindra certainment pas TWO
Par exemle je les vois bien rejoindre Brotherhood of Steel .

2/ le brésil va rejoindre TWO ( tant que cotwo reste souder leur amitié avec les ricains ne posera pas de soucis )

3/dire que les brésiliens sont neutres me fait un peu mal au cul , il sont sans alliance mais certainement pas neutres .

lovric505 Day 1,889, 11:08


Tannin Day 1,889, 12:02

Everybody know that TWO and CoT are the most powerful alliances in the world.

Are you crazy????

The most powerful alliance is EDEN!

I am not dSoKre
I am not dSoKre Day 1,890, 04:41

@mobster1930 - yea together they are. It's something like 30 hooligans on one guy and they think they are stronger.

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