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The Interview

Day 2,258, 02:29 Published in Australia Australia by Jisugej

I decided to make an interview with myself 🙂
I don't want to waste more time as it is very precious both for the interviewer and the interviewee 🙂

-Please Sir introduce yourself.
-Well first of all thanks for the opportunity 😉 I was eagerly waited a moment like this. I'm RL Hungarian, moved to eAus around 2 years ago. Took part in Congress several times and became CP once.

-How is your relation with Aussies are those rumours are true about Binda?
-Quite good I can say, and yes they are all true 🙂

-What about TJ allias Mick Gatto? Is that true that u two had a strong bound?
-Yes Gatto and me are BFF, he inspired me to run for CP I miss him so much, I hope he will return in eChile and ruin them also!

-I saw that you became a pirate in Aus. How did that happen?
-I have been in the KnightHawks for months and I needed some excitement, during my term as CP I was in command of the ADF which I enjoyed a lot, so I decide to kick *** alone a little and do it without harming the interest of others being in the same MU as me.

-Is that true that you inflicted the most damage for Aus in a single campaign?
-True, but only because WyvernJack fell asleep 🙂

-Thank you for your time!
-It was my pleasure



Tim_Holtz Day 2,258, 02:41

voted 😃

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,258, 02:43

Voted \o/

classfighter Day 2,258, 02:45


Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 2,258, 05:31

You're drunk! But voted!


Cyber.Casper Day 2,258, 05:39

PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'arr matey, yee's got my vote.

waitaminute... do Pirates vote? Shit....

WyvernJack Day 2,258, 14:22

I just laid down for a second dammit... it wasn't meant to happen!! not like that!!

sirjames244 Day 2,259, 23:32

lol, the mick gatto one is, 'curious'

roboz Day 2,259, 03:36

LOLL. nice. Voted

infin Day 2,259, 06:22


J Seemore
J Seemore Day 2,259, 10:12


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