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The Gypsy King

Day 2,347, 13:55 Published in Switzerland Poland by El Reto

Hi guys!
Your are up to read another heart-touching story, about how bugged and poor this game is. Generally, I'm not fan of such crying, but sometimes Plato really pisses me off and I'm wondering why I still play this s#^t.

The story begins 3 days ago, with this law:

Due to agreement, Paraguay launched Airstrike on Switzerland to take 2 regions and secure congress elections for themselves. Everything went smooth, Paraguay landed smoothly and easily won another battle, than put up peace proposal.
If everything went well, so where is a bait?
Every time when Paraguay took region, congress lists were cleared up, and all candidates were gone.
First reset occurred at 23rd (so few of us were able to re-apply), but the second came up under 30 minutes before DC.

What was the effects?

We started sending tickets to admins, informing about the bug and hoping that they are able to fix it.
We all get the same, copy-paste answer:

Instead of helping us, admins turned bug into a feature. They are pretending that everything is OK.
New rule was implemented today, at 11am.

Click for bigger
Click for bigger
This was added today in the morning.
We all know old, Roman rule - lex retro non agit.
As You can see, gypsies cannot into Latin, and don't understand the laws that created whole Old Continent.

I'm wondering what Plato would do if such a thing happened to Romania. The only country which magically gains congress even if wiped, get return of failed AS while it's enemies are suffering from "visual bugs" and "minor glitches" just right before attacking it's cores.

Remember: nobody dies a virgin. Plato f#$%s us all.


Rican Day 2,347, 14:32

I'm wondering what Plato would do if such a thing happened to Romania.

x 2

Thank you for writing this !
It had to be said.

Rican Day 2,347, 14:34

for shouting:

Death and Despair

Please vote & comment.

AlexFran Day 2,347, 14:45

This is crazy! Shame on them 😕

dromi Day 2,347, 14:57

i don't understand why this thing had something to do with Romania.

zRTx Day 2,348, 00:46

You are playng Romanian game run by incompetent romanian administrators who only care about gold purchases.
What do you expect? That people blame Plato?

dromi Day 2,348, 00:51

if Putin want war, doesn't mean that all russians want war. Or if MS Windows sometimes crashed, doesn\t mean that Bill Gate is stupid.

zRTx Day 2,348, 01:09

It's easier to focus hate and despise towards large group than specific person.

Rican Day 2,353, 10:35

where have you been !!!!

Asmadi Day 2,347, 15:12


Walen II
Walen II Day 2,347, 16:54

Shame... all work during the month preparing the congress ended up in the trash 🙁

Stenka Razin
Stenka Razin Day 2,347, 21:43

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr shame on plato

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,347, 22:24

Voted; Subbed, Shouted:

Remember: nobody dies a virgin. Plato f#$%s us all.
Death and Despair: The Gypsy King

Black Whiter
Black Whiter Day 2,348, 02:06

Thank you for writing this !
It will be bad for Switzerland, i think we must accept that the consept of the training war this month is not works.. But show must go on..

Learn from this is better,

Ely.nea Day 2,348, 02:15

voted. Good luck !

Light Angel
Light Angel Day 2,348, 02:19

what can I say , double standards are killing this game!

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,348, 02:24

add this one to the list:

Ticket ID: Department: Status: Pending Priority: High
Created On: 25 Apr 2014 12:16 PM

Posted On: 25 Apr 2014 12:16 PM
A country will have a congress election if they have at least a region on every month on 23rd 02:00 and 25th 00:00 and 26th 06:00

Slovenia didn't have a region on 23rd 02:00. How is it possible they are having congress election now?

Phantom MKD
Phantom MKD Day 2,348, 02:27

That is bug.
Cause they got land on 25th. U will see tomorrow result will be 0
its always like that!

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,348, 02:34

ty mr President :3
so we will wait :3 let's see it xD

Asmadi Day 2,348, 05:28

but how their candidates were not removed?

010101010 Day 2,348, 02:25

🙁((( No evil eSerbs ,no vote!!!

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,348, 02:26

That congress list bug is well-known, every month at least 10 countries are affected, it's almost like a feature. 😛
You'll know for another time to take it into consideration.

n e v e r C G
n e v e r C G Day 2,348, 02:33

It's a stupid outdated rule but it's been there for ages. as Jussi said, every month a dozen of countries are affected by this issue and the gipsy up there adds a 'Share to Facebook' button instead of fixing any bugs and issues -.-

King of Hejaz
King of Hejaz Day 2,348, 02:39

Paraguay attacked Switzerland? You kidding me...


Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,348, 03:28

"thats the we are idiots who dont understand human computer interaction rule." as long as you had regions at the end of the process what does it matter if you lost them again and your congress candidacy is only removed the next day not right after the battle. i checked after we lost the region next day when i could not reapply it was removed.

Persevael Day 2,348, 06:16

Ok so lots of work for nothing, everything has to be postponed again for nothing. Well, it reminds me the company (IRL) that I work for. Have a nice week end.

chris jonadicus
chris jonadicus Day 2,348, 13:32

nice article man.

hey, edit the comic, and make the ''hated child'' to be switzerland.... since we are hated, and ignored, and everyone loves paraguay/romania.

why do they ignore switzerland?

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