The Greatest Battle in eWorld [ Western Australia war]

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First of all, thank you to the admin who has won Indonesia in the case of WA. Whatever the admin's decision let us respect it.

My newspaper is committed to presenting the news based on the data. This time I will focused about WA. WA War has became attention all around the world. Sorry a little late to raise the issue. This is because the difficulty to find data and materials of this article.

The losing and winning based on Statistics

First I present the final seconds of war at that time a series of events

When we look at time, war should be ended at 22:32 o'clock. At that time wall already reach 272,866 point which actually below the necessary amount of "no mans land" (the value needed to exceed the "no mans land" in WA is 277,050). Because value below 277,050 then the war will last until the attacker side reach the "no mans land" or the defender side reached the "underground".

However, this is where the base of the problem. Noted the attackers had reached the "no mans land" more than 3 times, ie at the time of 23:34:00, 23:36:00, 23:38:00 and 23:44:00. But the mechanic had not declared war game was won by the attacker.

This caused a mass protests from the losing side in Erepublik. From the forum until the newspaper around the world to preach about the war that will be remembered throughout this period as a war with a The biggest war (at least so far).

As explained by admin. This is because the system is not perfect in other words the server is not properly worked. This was not the first time this has happened. It has been occur repeatedly, especially on major wars in which the damage can flows rapidly and reach hundreds of thousands in matter of minutes and even seconds. This is a big blow for Eden and Brolliance when the stats shows another story.

Ex 1.

How Indonesia and the Phoenix can win in a battle like that?

Perhaps many who do not know (especially from Australia) that Indonesia have much experience in this regard. The latest example is the war of Sarawak where the war is not finished despite having reached the "no mans land" and exceeded the time determined.

In addition there are many other similar events happened. As can be seen in the latest CDV's article.

Strategic Analysis of Indonesia (The god of gambler's duo called : Arya Gunawan and Ostin)

In the battle all things can happen. We must realize that there are still many bugs in Erepublik. Required anticipation every possible occurrence of bugs. As preparation for the fight after the estimated time expires and preparedness funding for the war when forced through overtime.

In addition, strategies to attacking Australia when full of MPPs like two-edged sword. As we know Indonesia attack Australia not long after Australia proposed a Peace Treaty to Indonesia. If we lost that war and Indonesia signed the Peace Treaty, the dreams attack Australia can be buried forever (except PTO). If Indonesia lost and Indonesia did not agree to the Peace Treaty, then there is the possibility of Eden and U.S. take the opportunity to attack Indonesia.

However credit should be gave to Ostin and Arya Gunawan with their brilliant diplomatic skills can made the Australian Government to propose peace treaty with Indonesia. This act secures the potential backlash from Australia if Indonesia failed in the war WA..

Impact of war WA
For Phoenix and Indonesia
Indonesia has the region that will become a source of finance for the next invasion. Moreover, the v2, as predicted WA High potential region of one titanium. For Phoenix, this is improving their morale. WA is a sign of great victory Phoenix over Eden and Brolliance. Moreover, this is accompanied with a victory at Phoenix in other places. Indirectly, the southern region eWorld already fallen in the hands of Phoenix.

For Eden, Brolliance and Australia
The defeat was a severe blow for Australia. This is predicted significantly reduce Australian income. Eden and Brolliance moral after the defeated on this war is full of sense of anger and disappointment. Even there are many statement that stated they would resign because of this defeat.

What is the wars WA indicated
WA War showed that the Indonesian military forces still be reckoned with in the world. Can be seen that damage donated by Indonesian soldiers more than any other country. This is good news because lately Indonesia doubt to be a major country in eWorld.

The most important point WA teach to us. The war never ended as long as it's not ended. So keep firing and give your best at war.

But for Indonesia, we must prepare ourselves for the next battle. Can be seen that within twelve minutes, Australia and her ally can make 451,710 wall increase point that nearly made us lose. More brilliant strategies need to be made again in the next battle. Especially with regard to fight the approaching end of the day.

A big thank you spoken to Mr. Zhunder for providing the data (this article would not exist without the help of him). Data of WA war can be seen here.

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