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The Game Is Like A Mirror

Day 2,066, 16:19 Published in USA USA by Azazel Romanov

I've been away too long from writing. A lot has been going on lately, ranging from accusations of treason, foreign affairs going wild across the world, and another successful month against our domestic PTO. I could speak about what others have, but that wouldn't make me very original right now. I do have my own thoughts about congress-exec problems, foreign intrigue, and the impact of a diminishing PTO on our political system, but those aren't very newsworthy at the moment. What I have been noticing though is that the atmosphere in the country is getting worse. When we are down and losing, we like to blame. Blame the government, blame MUs, blame foreign policy, blame the game, blame the meta. You ask a different person and you will get different answers, but there is always someone at fault.

Unfortunately, as I have said before, no one person or group should hold all blame for failure. In a game based upon social interaction, we succeed most often when we decide to interact to the fullest extent. We fail when we decide to act apart from one another. We live in a vibrant community, and there is a unique view from every single organization or player. As I've said before, the problem usually arises when we agree to disagree and return to our respective viewpoints, and no doubt I have also become guilty of this myself. I know that we at war, that we are losing, and that we have been unable to make a turnaround. We face an overpowering alliance at a time where despite instability foreign relations are static and slow to change. In the meantime, we decide to fight among ourselves rather than prepare for the eventual return to freedom and prominence. I understand the sentiment and the anger, as I've been prone to it myself, but we must learn to accept our shortcomings as individuals.

The media has been quite active in recent days, and I have been reading with quite a bit of interest. I've seen several articles and comments in government articles or their own publications accuse the president or government of failing the country. Many have specific complaints while others make general statements of failure. What I am not seeing is offers to help. I'm not seeing a desire to make things better, or real thought out alternatives to pursue. And before I am corrected, I do not always view proposals to overturn as help, so we may have to have a conversation. Your president and your government are not your enemy or adversary, and the government is not seeking to actively harm the American people. Both sides act out of a desire to improve our country's situation, and the sooner we realize we have the same goal, the closer we get to making our paths turn in the same direction.

At this time, we cannot quite afford the usual political theater. As much as I would like to write articles demonizing my opponents or proposing a grand vision for the US involving dramatic change, I simply say that we must learn to play together better. This is a game and we all signed up for the same country, and our greater adversaries lie outside, not within. Whether you are my friend, my acquaintance, rival, or unknown to me, I hope you will fight beside me. I had intended this article to be longer than it was and have something more inspirational to say, but I am afraid I must be more blunt in times like these. We gain more acting together than we do acting against one another.

In an ode to my article title, the game is a reflection of our own actions, whether you are in a position of power or someone who just likes to click the buttons. But the problem might be that we seek to make the game only what we see in the mirror, and not who we see around us. Remember that we are still more than text and stats, we are all able to think and discuss. Change it, talk to someone and ask what can be done.



Ludonarr Day 2,066, 16:22

Solid read as always


b u c a
b u c a Day 2,066, 16:24

If my еnglish was good еnough, I would write the same article!

GaiusGuy Day 2,066, 16:26

Deeply voted.

El Che G
El Che G Day 2,066, 16:29


Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 2,066, 16:51

Dude i wish i could write like this

Voted Hard

Tanishq Day 2,066, 16:51

Nice. Voted.

jmurrib21 Day 2,066, 17:05


Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 2,066, 19:13

Good luck on your track. mate

colour haze
colour haze Day 2,066, 19:16

Very nice.

Voted o/

Aliss Wonder
Aliss Wonder Day 2,066, 19:23

I will never stop reading your articles : )

don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,066, 19:49

good one
hard voted

Fibonacci Day 2,066, 20:03

Good analysis.
Hope you can get together again as a single and strong nation.

However, great countries when are glorious and prosperous are objective of jealous enemies. Now that eUSA has lost 10/10 bonus probably many PTO will leave. Probably jealous enemys will focus on other countries and this is the opportunity for you to reestablish unity and objectives as a nation. Make this as a chance for starting all over again, learning form errors.


Martincho87 Day 2,066, 22:40


John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 2,067, 00:27

I know you will consider this part of the "blaming game" but most of what is going on today in the USA (at least in the foreign affairs side) is part of the decision you took 14-15 months ago, which was obviously leading the country to this.

If you take USA 15 months ago, you had a stable set of allies/friends that provided support against your more vocal antagonists. In addition to Brazil, you had Greece, Croatia, France, China even Turkey, which had strong bonds with the USA. The USA were bored but saved, more focus in your own internal issues.

The idea of CTRL was a big gamble, most of your former friends did not support the idea. Building a third block was something never done in eRep, it required careful crafting, a lot of people involved never looked to build a third block but just shift USA towards ONE, and frankly you blew it. You accepted building CTRL based on Spoland's friends and you basically alienated all your allies, except for Brazil.

When you understood that Spolands idea of CTRL was basically ONE+USA you tried to react, and found out that what meant for USA was very different from Spoland's CTRL and even Brazil's CTRL. CTRL collapsed and the USA had the chance to restore balance.

But instead of restoring balance the USA decided they wanted to kill EDEN. I understand the vibe behind creating something new like control, killing EDEN was, in my opinion, just dumb. Because it was obvious that after EDEN's death, USA was the only target for mega TwO alliance, and killing EDEN you would force many of EDEN countries to align themselves with TwO in order to survive, making TwO even more powerful. You did not need a master degree in strategy to see that happening.

You choosed CoT to restore the bonds with other communities and it will take time for that to happen, you cannot expect immediate results for communities to bond. There are a lot of countries with very few bonds just now if you invest the time but it will take time.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,067, 01:54

Now that is criticism with substance!

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Day 2,067, 05:37

I tend to agree with most of your points, but this isn't an article focused upon foreign affairs, nor was I around foreign decisions 14-15 months ago. But still good points I guess.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,067, 05:51

Excellent points and I would point out it was the same citizens now in power that led 14-15 months ago...excellent article NewAzazel...!

Diggs Day 2,068, 14:42

Couldn't agree more, unfortunately no one would listen back then.

PaBravoYo Day 2,067, 00:58

Very good o/


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,067, 05:54


Carthan Day 2,067, 06:09



jkeller4000 Day 2,068, 06:51

i am trying to help, i am buying weps at .5 so that they always are profitable for people to wam than will sell them when there is a demand so that there is always production of q1 weps. they are needed for rockets and people usualyl only build rockets for a mission. so no mission no demand for q1 weps prices drop and production stops. then mission and because so little supple prices rise high. so i am trying to keep the prices as low as i can. and then hopefully america will not spend so much on the missions and it will give us an advantage! however i am not a huge player so i might not be able to make a huge difference.

Jasher Day 2,068, 14:34

old words, boring, come up with something else

samdoo Day 2,068, 15:25

Umm your talking about government programming right there. And connecting two clickers to the meta game whether it be through IRC or getting them on eUSA forums. The work is started.. big time. Interior has launched an IRC porgram.

The DoD is going through a slight re-vamping to better communicate orders to players where if stuff in game is not up to date. IRC will be up to date for you to follow. elitists commenting more would make the community much more aware of the going ons.

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