The Future Begins Now

Day 719, 07:10 Published in Japan USA by Dokomo

Japan, we have done our best to identify the culprits involved with the bank robbery, but our investigations grow more difficult every day. We rely now upon the admins of the game, who I have not heard from since my initial contact 36 hours ago. Regardless, we must still grapple with the crisis.

I have been working with Congress lately to move funds around. We were able to use the 7500 jpy in the nations Treasury to provide short term stability to the MM. Thanks to the donations, loans, and MM purchases of many citizens we have raised over 300 gold in the past 2 days and sold all 7500 jpy from the Bank.

Now we need to begin getting government payments out again. We have issued a print run of 20,000 jpy that should pass today. The money will immediately be moved to the NBJ and split between the MM and restored funding to the military. Then we will propose another 20,000 jpy print run since I believe we will sell the 10k jpy as fast as we sold the 7.5k. Once that is complete, we can gauge how much jpy needs to be maintained in the NBJ for MM purposes.

As for the gold we are accumulating, I want to hold on tight to it in the Bank as long as possible before starting repayments of loans. Loans sent to the NBJ I hope can be repaid in a month. Loans paid to the Treasury we have NO PROOF of since the game does not record these, and thus we cannot return loans to the treasury. The gold we do have will be used for emergencies only. I have asked the organizers of the Sol Games and PEACE games to send a bill for those war games to the organization Treasury DoK, which holds a large amount of gold and jpy.

EDIT: It appears the future will have to wait until tomorrow, since Yonai Keiko has decided to propose that we donate 10 jpy to Treasury DoK, blocking us from funding the MM, JIN, or JIA for another 24 hours. She may also try to do this again tomorrow, which would result in a 48 hour total delay.