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The First Words

Day 1,880, 19:48 Published in Estonia Estonia by Grand Old Man

The New World emerged from the ashes of The Old World 1880 days ago. I come from The Old World to remind you of those times when the sky was more blue and grass really was more green. These were the times when eEstonia had not yet been founded, there were only us, The Wize Men, and hope for the greater future.

We managed to free our country and rule it fairly and in unison. There was no place for hatred or insults among us, our goal was mutual, the prosperity of eEstonia. It is saddening to see the new generation of eEstonians fighting against each other when we should be fighting our common enemy, foreign occupation.

This is why I have been summoned, to educate you about the past and lead us to the greater future. We shall discuss and debate about upcoming troubles, not argue, we shall be united once again.

The New Era of eEstonia begins now.

Sincerely yours,
Grand Old Man.



N2SS Day 1,881, 23:10

Good luck

Viskaja Day 1,881, 02:30

A miks sa eesti keeles ei kirjuta?

Repsok Leppok
Repsok Leppok Day 1,881, 05:12

Thank you for the info!

von baer
von baer Day 1,881, 09:46

+1 viskaja

Totakas Day 1,881, 10:34

-1. Ei viitsi isegi lugeda mingi noobi võõrkeelset paska. Risustab ekraani lihtsalt.

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Day 1,881, 12:19

Suht nii on jh.

Grand Old Man
Grand Old Man Day 1,881, 19:55

I am very sorry you feel that way. The reason I write my pieces in English is quite simple - I do not speak Estonian and I do not think Google Translate would do justice do your beautiful language. I hope my writing will help you to change your minds.

Erksos Day 1,881, 20:18

About what?

Grand Old Man
Grand Old Man Day 1,881, 21:43

My response was mainly aimed at Totakas and Enrii Lindebaum.

Erksos Day 1,882, 23:25

Any facts you can bring up or only story?

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