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The First Article: Hello eAmerica, I'm RaiseHell

Day 2,151, 03:06 Published in USA Bosnia and Herzegovina by Raise Hell

Hello there, citizens of the eAmerica! I am RaiseHell and thank you for accepting me in your country. This is my first article of my paper, The eBirtija. That's Bosnian for "pub". Why did I choose that name?Even I don’t know 😛 .I've always been a eBosnian citizen,but now I chose to move in eAmerica and I want to try to make some changes here.
I'm not looking to be the next CP (although that would be nice!). I just want to improve my party and fight for this county. My goals are to develop economicaly and politicaly. Also, one more thing,in real life I’m half American and half Bosnian. I was in Bosnia for 5 years, than when it was war time I run away to America with my father,after that I went to Malaysia and now, I’m in living here.
i'M 21 years old,studying Economy and IT.

And yea, I almost forget,you may also be asking "Who is RaiseHell?" Well, ask no more, because I'm a big fan of trash metal group RaiseHell. RaiseHell is also my IRC nicks.

In my country i had the following position:
Captain Regiment x2
Party spokesman x1
And that is all 



Geronimo100 Day 2,151, 08:15

Raise Hell, dobro nam došao

Tanishq Day 2,151, 09:12


Mr.Tosi Day 2,151, 10:40


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,151, 11:32

Unfriended citizenship thief

Galiant Xiock
Galiant Xiock Day 2,151, 11:40

Hey, look, it seems like he and I are friends then, right Gipps?

Raise Hell
Raise Hell Day 2,151, 14:22

Is that beause i dont want to join ur party ? Come on man, just relax 😉

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,151, 15:18

you broke your word... without your word you are nothing

Napalm Norm
Napalm Norm Day 2,151, 18:16


Waysted Day 2,151, 18:56

pizza does not relax. he escalates EVERYTHING!

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Day 2,152, 04:07

Raise Hell you probably just made more friends than you can imagine by pissing off the little hobbitman named Ajay. Way to go!

Waysted Day 2,151, 18:55

ROFL....i can tell he is truly heartbroken by the news. Probably cried himself to sleep. Happy now?

Grant van der Merwe
Grant van der Merwe Day 2,151, 12:46

Welcome! 🙂

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,151, 14:52

Welcome (:

Waysted Day 2,151, 18:57


Welcome to paradise mate. 🙂

Raise Hell
Raise Hell Day 2,151, 23:46

thx man 😃

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