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The Fall of Beer Sheva

Day 1,865, 07:43 Published in Israel Israel by Yigal Ha Kohen

The Fall of Beer Sheva

In the early hours of December 28th, the Beer Sheva province officially fell to the hands of the Serb Armed Forces. Thousands have fled their homes to the Israeli held territories of Al-Jawf and the Northern Borders.

Refugees left by whatever means possible, during a Failed Insurrection to secure Israeli Sovereignty over the Northern Borders as an out of State center for the Government in Exile.

The Israeli government is currently operating out of Al-Jawf under the assumption that it is only a matter of time until the cities of Haifa and the North fall. Many citizens are angry, distraught and depressed. Seemingly with no place to go, some have accepted the situation and resigned themselves to their fate.

For now, there seems to be an eerie quiet in what has become known as Free Israeli Territory.

Yigal of the Haifa Tomer Times, Reporting from Haifa

Translated by Barazuca

Hebrew Version to Follow



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