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The eUS Military Strides Onward

Day 1,234, 11:23 Published in USA USA by Bradley Reala
My Fellow Americans,

The past few days have been a continuum of explosions, set off by a powder keg that was just waiting to blow. A lot of people are, understandably, worried by what is going on. A lot of people seem to think that the eUS Military has "gone rogue" or "changed." It hasn't. We're still here, doing our parts, fighting for the defense of the eUSA and her allies. We're not going anywhere.

In fact, yesterday, the eUS Military deployed. Half the branches went to help with RWs taking place in Serbia, including the liberation of North Dalmatia and the restoration of Croatia to its rightful place on the map.

Yeah, we were there. We did that.

Know what's even more awesome that sticking it to Serbia in Croatia? Doing that and then going to England and kicking Serbia right square in the teeth there too!

Two in a row baby, two in a row.

Not only did we go to Serbia, we beat them on their home fields, and stood strong beside our brothers in arms, Croatia. Multiple major victories against Serbia, on their own turf.

We've got a long road to go. We face an invasion on our own soil, but more importantly our allies do too. We will stand strong beside our allies every day to push the Spaniards back and crush NWO. The eUS Military hasn't gone anywhere. We're still here doing what we love to do.

Fight for the eUSA, join up, keep the fight against our enemies going! Join the TC!


mr.Loboda Day 1,234, 11:24


Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,234, 11:25

US Marines !

Grimstone Day 1,234, 11:25


Ethan Deluca
Ethan Deluca Day 1,234, 11:25

o7 We want you for the eUS military: TC Application:

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 1,234, 11:26

While we fought in Croatia and England, we also fought in North of Brazil and Maryland as well. The eUSA and her allies, this we'll defend. o7

Ethan Deluca
Ethan Deluca Day 1,234, 11:27

Come and find us here on IRC:

Kria Erikson
Kria Erikson Day 1,234, 11:27


sonix Day 1,234, 11:29

kick some ass

TTi09 Day 1,234, 11:30


sirmark17 Day 1,234, 11:30


gljivac Day 1,234, 11:32


Cstarlight21 Day 1,234, 11:32

Yes! That was us! Take THAT Serbs and Spaniards!



BoKi StoKa
BoKi StoKa Day 1,234, 11:35


Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,234, 11:35

There is no eUS Military

We have decided to call you Bradree's Bunch until you find a new name.

JetonGreenMan08 Day 1,234, 11:36


conrexx Day 1,234, 11:36


Kyler Lee Octan
Kyler Lee Octan Day 1,234, 11:37

The Army was there with the rest fighting to free Croatia.

Start your military career in the Training Corps!

Cstarlight21 Day 1,234, 11:40

Excuse me Colin but you have no right to tell us what our name is or isn't.

We are The eUS Military.

Jefferson Lincoln
Jefferson Lincoln Day 1,234, 11:41

Yeah it's not the eUS military anymore.

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,234, 11:41

@Colin: Who are You people ? Poles ?

AL BAGHDADI Day 1,234, 11:45

also in the news - Canadian eScientists new invention - check it out

mr.Loboda Day 1,234, 11:46

There is no Colin Lantrip.

We have decided to call you brainless ape until we decide to find a more amusing name, because I can't think of anything better now.

Al Pacino Sibenik
Al Pacino Sibenik Day 1,234, 11:46

We are here. Stronger than ever! Jealous bastards GTFO!

Morrigan Alexandros
Morrigan Alexandros Day 1,234, 11:47

I think that's called pwnage Serbia 🙂

Also, LOL Stigmatized

lietk12 Day 1,234, 11:48

Finally, some good PR. Would've been nice to have seen this in dealing with non-enclaved America.

Nosghotic Day 1,234, 11:51


Kazeal Day 1,234, 11:55

\o/\o/ eUS Military \o/\o/

I stand ready to continue serving USA to the best of my ability O7

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,234, 11:59

Keep on fighting US mil!


Unum Day 1,234, 12:03

The US Military was, is and will continue to be there!

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,234, 12:03

O> Well said

snake dr
snake dr Day 1,234, 12:03

There is no Colin Lantrip.

We have decided to call you brainless ape until we decide to find a more amusing name, because I can't think of anything better now.


R3bus Day 1,234, 12:07


Duje 1983
Duje 1983 Day 1,234, 12:10


Capt.Wolf Day 1,234, 12:14

Hurting stuff is my job.

Trent Lawrence
Trent Lawrence Day 1,234, 12:17

Lol Bradee's Bunch sounds good

Silver_Fishy Day 1,234, 12:32


The Libertine
The Libertine Day 1,234, 12:49

There is no eUS Military

We have decided to call you Bradree's Bunch until you find a new name.


TylerYates Day 1,234, 12:51


CrayolaButthole Day 1,234, 12:51

Its the rogueitary.

Alex Drex
Alex Drex Day 1,234, 12:52

Mmm... Bradree's Bunch. Has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?

BeDva Day 1,234, 12:52

btw, Bosnia is back too ^^

snake dr
snake dr Day 1,234, 12:54

@Crayola: your butthole is butthurt?

Ronnie McBeard
Ronnie McBeard Day 1,234, 12:57

\o/ Join the TC! 😃

Greenday4537 Day 1,234, 12:58

eUS Military ftw!

No matter what anyone else might tell you, we're still here in America, fighting for America and America's allies!

Vasyl Yahensky
Vasyl Yahensky Day 1,234, 13:00

Hail USMC!

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,234, 13:03

@CRoy: Who are You ? "We" - Your highness ? Or group of people ? If You are group of people then You are INCI, 4chan ? And always rotate in place of 1 million "executive functions" in "government" ?

Jon Vontalmo
Jon Vontalmo Day 1,234, 13:09

lol Bradree's Bunch sounds like a good new name to me.

Artela Day 1,234, 13:10

So, instead of helping your allies on mainland Europe, Bradree's Bunch decided to interfere on British soil with something that wasn't hurting anyone? Yeah. Way to go while France was in such deep trouble. Good call. (not)

VelvetHammer Day 1,234, 13:18

Interesting to know, V+S

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