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The Endorsement for CP that Outshines All Others (Homer J Simpson for CP)

Day 1,931, 23:04 Published in Canada Canada by crisfire

Its time once again, it feels like this happens every month, for eCanadians to check which candidate their party has endorsed and vote accordingly, or do some research and vote smartly. After extensive preliminary votes with ground breaking voter participation or Party Presidents consulting with their upper echelon of advisors or maybe simply selling it to those that promise sweet cabinet positions maybe even the coveted Vice President spot, it is time once again to tell you its time once again that eCanadians go to the polls and take that first monthly step that sets the course of eCanada for the next month.

We have the new guy willing to put in countless hours doing something and write daily articles about some stuff

We have the guy of many names and many party's with promises of secret plans...which I hope if he loses he will still share with the winner

We have the guy who promises Change! Change!

We have the guy whose always willing to step up and save eCanada when eCanada's first choice goes down the dumper


We have my guy

Homer J Simpson, born April 9th 2009, has been around the block a few times and I can honestly say he is one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic people I have ever seen in this game, especially when it deals with something he sets his mind to

and his mind is set to winning the CP chair and then doing what it is a CP does do do

A sixteen term Congressmen with six of those being as Speaker of the House he has proven that he can reach across all the aisles to work with all party's and their members, you don’t get chosen Speaker by being a dick to other party's.

The Crimson Canucks simply would not be the premier Military Unit it is today without Homer, it simply would not. His level of devotion and personal time spent organizing and planning is second to none and if he spends even a fraction of the time as CP with the same passion then he has in the Crimson Canucks then eCanada, you’re in good hands.

I may be wrong but I believe this one is gonna be a close one, there’s simply imho to much blind loyalty to candidates that pale in comparison to Homer and the team of Ministers he has assembled. So I would appeal to all eCanadians to perhaps disregard or look past Campaign articles with promises of super plans, of change, levels of ridiculous activity and go with someone that you know, someone you know because they have always been there, someone who shouldn’t have to write a campaign article because their past and their accomplishments speak for themselves

His Cabinet and more

That someone is most certainly Homer J Simpson and your vote should certainly go to him, certainly



crisfire Day 1,931, 23:12

For certain eCanada!

vote Homer4CP

Eric Last
Eric Last Day 1,931, 23:31

Homer4CP o7

Uncorporated Day 1,931, 23:37

" there’s simply imho to much blind loyalty to candidates that pale in comparison to Homer and the team of Ministers he has assembled."

Agreed so damn hard I broke the Vote button.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,931, 06:51

Is that supposed to be ironic?

Uncorporated Day 1,931, 12:23

I don't get it.

gbr_blue Day 1,931, 00:10


T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 1,931, 00:34

Homer can into CP

morten628 Day 1,931, 00:56


Shadow455 Day 1,931, 00:59

homer for cp

Guagature Day 1,931, 01:14


davidjonestoo Day 1,931, 04:15


Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod Day 1,931, 04:59

This is probably the most deserving CP candidate since Nosyt ran.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,931, 05:02


MDP has had their turn and will burn in irrelevancy for their crimes.

Muglack Day 1,931, 17:48

Says the PP of the party responsible for El Pato Diablo's administrations.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,931, 18:54

Auk Rest?

Muglack Day 1,931, 20:44

Last I saw you were the PP of the CPF not Auk Rest. Or is he the master pulling your strings?

I always thought you were your own omnipotent being Funky.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,932, 06:18

Slow down buddy. I was not PP when ElPlato was elected. You always did have a fascinating view on history. Fascinatingly incorrect.

Muglack Day 1,932, 15:19

The CPF nominated El Pato Diablo.

You're the PP of the CPF.

Where do I say anywhere that you were the PP that nominated him?

Try to keep up with simple logic. I know you posses the ability somewhere within your pea sized brain.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,932, 16:00

Misread actually. Don't see your original point however. Maybe you need the definition of the word "turn"?

Vrykolaus Drauvik
Vrykolaus Drauvik Day 1,931, 06:57

Best candidate in months. Good luck Homer.

Oinyo Day 1,931, 07:27

"there’s simply imho to much blind loyalty to candidates that pale in comparison to Homer and the team of Ministers he has assembled."

You know I am all for options and giving people choice but saying things like the above comes off as a desperate beg to the masses and shows a complete lack of confidence in Homer being able to win this.

Instead of giving off the attitude that "You HAVE to choose Homer you are fool blindly following a lesser candidate" Why dont you just state your beliefs on why you think Homer is the best candidate and leave it at that?

All this does is further split the lines in eCan and create malice.

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,931, 07:38

I think Homer is the best candidate because Homer is the best candidate!


Oinyo Day 1,931, 07:43

Ha ha that is a good endorsement 🙂 You are not belittling the ecanadian players or the other candidates! A big old vote click for you

crisfire Day 1,931, 09:26

but im all for split lines and creating malice

Oinyo Day 1,931, 09:30

oh... Well in that case disregard my msg 😛

C. Buzz
C. Buzz Day 1,931, 08:41

Homer J Simpson: eCanada's bright spot in a bleak time. Good luck to you sir.

Venerable Day 1,931, 08:47

I think Homer is the best candidate as well.

I don't think Toad would do bad, and really oinyo probably wouldn't do bad either as long as he doesn't consider paying for regions.

Punisher also wouldn't do bad, though I think we'd hear a lot less back from him.

We aren't in a situation with a lot of different paths. Everything I've heard from these candidates personally has been almost the exact same, with the only differences being in how internal affairs are managed.

But, ill be voting Homer.

Oinyo Day 1,931, 09:31

oinyo probably wouldn't do bad either as long as he doesn't consider paying for regions.

Trust me.. I would never do something so foolish.. ever

Venerable Day 1,931, 09:45

You say that now, but you were considering it before. I know because I helped talk you out of it. 😛

Oinyo Day 1,931, 09:50

Lol yeah. You did a hell of a lot to help grow me Ven in this last month.. Thank you 😃 now dont stop! 😉

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,931, 09:24

HOMER4CP awwwwwwwyeaaaaaaa

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,931, 12:00

D'OH!omer 4 CP!!!!

VastlyFrozen Day 1,931, 14:42


Lion El'Jonson
Lion El'Jonson Day 1,931, 14:55

I'm thinking of getting eCanadian citizenship just so I can vote for Homer! o7

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 1,931, 15:27

come to eCanada. we have cookies

Plugson Day 1,931, 15:40

We may have cookies, but we don't have any regions or a Congress, so there is no way to make a citizenship application until after March 26.
Try again then.

Plugson Day 1,931, 15:41

No way to get an application approved until March 26, I meant.

Lion El'Jonson
Lion El'Jonson Day 1,931, 15:46

It was a hyperbolic joke Plugson 😉 Though if there are cookies...

Plugson Day 1,931, 16:05

Why is voting for Homer a hyperbolic joke?

So many people still think he is the lulz candidate.

Muglack Day 1,931, 17:50

Rolo should have 4 cit passes, all we need is a region!

The.Puppeteer Day 1,931, 14:57


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,931, 15:19

There can be only one and its Homer

Best of luck mate

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,931, 15:20

That green button means your online? Never knew that. D'OH moment. I must be in Homer's camp.

crisfire Day 1,931, 15:43

there are somethings better left unwritten 😉

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,931, 15:24

GL Homer

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,931, 15:28

homer is cool, always was

"he can reach across all the aisles to work with all party's and their members"- he did not reach across my aisle haha

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,931, 15:53


Jack DeMolay
Jack DeMolay Day 1,931, 18:10

Go Homer. Homer for CP

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,931, 20:08

Sorry I can't really take anything that crisfire says seriously. Your endorsement also goes a long way in making people do just the opposite of what you say.

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