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The End of Something, but What? Russia vs. Poland

Day 1,935, 20:34 Published in Canada Canada by Shoi12

In case you were living under a rock like me and didn’t hear the big news, follow the link here.
I'm not exactly what this means, but the day Poland declared war on Russia shall remain infamous in eRepublik history. Now, I've been on this ePlanet for almost a year (I know, I'm a youngun), but up until recently, I only recall Russia being in a handful of actual wars. They battled the old Baltic alliance ABC a few times before growing bored, and they recently dueled Iran alongside their new CoT buddy FYROM. Yet, the war I remember the most was an epic battle against Poland. It was one of the first great battles I witnessed, as Polish and Russian forces duked it out for Mazuria, the northeastern home region for Poland. The Poles were victorious, yet the war came soon to an end. But now, even after Russia has clearly switched sides from a Terra alliance dedicated to battling ONE to a CoT alliance actually aligned with TWO towards a common objective, they still find themselves against glorious Poland. Sooo glorious 😑

So, before anything else, why would Poland decide to attack Russia, technically on their side? Well, CoTWO’s main purpose is to defeat EDEN, whom they believe to be a hideous stain on the face of the earth. Frankly, I like Albania and Bosnia, but whatever. While nations like Croatia have retreated to friendlier lands, others have been subject to permawipe, and others still have cut ties with the once-prosperous alliance (cough cough Argentina cough cough), there has always been one mighty EDEN bastion of hope, a powerful 100/100 nation that has stood strong while others have fallen. What would that nation be? Why, none other than our good friend China!

China has had its share of troubles. First off, the RL Chinese government banned eRepublik (blasphemy!), and the problems have shown, as their net influence took a noticeable hit. Though China themselves have held strong, their neighbors have fallen and enemies loom closer than ever. American troops stationed in Taiwan, Macedonian troops in Iran, and good ol’ Indonesia in the Philippines, China has to be a little worried that when the time comes, things may not go their way. Heck, China has had a few direct wars to keep its sovereignty, as Brazil, Spain, and Indonesia have all taken the Filipino path to take their shot at the big Asian target. Yet, China has managed to hold off their adversaries time and time again.

Obviously furious with the lack of results, Poland decided that enough was enough, and that it was their time to go after the mammoth nation. Perhaps they would have a better shot. After all, Poland has a enormous amount of damage, and the extra front would give a lot of support to the war effort. Besides, not like Russia would even want to attack China, much less have the guts to. However, there was one major obstacle. Unlike before, when Russia and Poland were enemies and Poland would have no qualms with attacking a hated rival, this time around the two nations had at least cool relations, much better than can be said of their time in enemy alliances. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a problem. Simply ask for Russia to let the Polish through, and down goes China, right? Only one problem.

They said no.

This left Poland in a conundrum. They desperately needed to gain a border with China to help erase the last mighty nation in EDEN, yet couldn’t peacefully go through Russia. The Polish came up with a simple, yet stunning solution.

They NE’d Russia.

There had tensions evergrowing between CoT and TWO for quite some time, yet the two alliances had always put aside their differences. Up until now, that is. Sure, Russia hasn’t been fully aligned with CoT for that long, nor have they had a tight history with any of the nations besides Bulgaria. But still, this is the first open declaration of war between a CoT and TWO nation. And especially with it being the two nations that it is, it has caused shockwaves of repercussions.

First, let’s talk about Russia. With its strong and in some ways unequaled close relations to the USA, matched perhaps only by Brazil, the Americans, oft ridiculed for bending over to TWO’s requests (cough Ctrl cough), has finally done something right for once, and publically backed their Russian ally. While this does not necessarily mean a Poland NE (the Americans already have a war and may not go THAT far), it does give Russia a fighting chance against the Polish. This also represents a break between CoT and TWO. Poland is, of course, the stronger nation, and had CoTWO been a fully united dual alliance, it would have been far simpler to forge some blame on the Russians and use that as an excuse to support Poland. But the CoT-aligned Americans have instead chosen the moral path, standing by their close friend in their time of need. With America being such a big influence, it may lead CoT as a whole to support their Russian brother against the Polish. CoT was founded as an alliance to protect weak nations against the tyrannical oppression exhibited by a few mighty nations. Though Russia is no chump, this is exactly the kind of situation that CoT was created to help out in. Not helping Russia would not only being dishonorable and disrespectful, but a clear sign that CoT has forgotten its ways. Honestly, I sincerely doubt it. CoT really has no option but to back Russia against Poland, even if that means battling TWO.

Now, let’s talk about the nation on the other side, Poland. Yes, Poland is a very powerful nation, and yes, they can definitely beat Russia in a war. Indeed, Kaliningrad seems destined to fall against the Polish invaders, as Poland pushes the initiative. However, victory comes at a price. Like their fellow Spanish and especially Serbian friends, they have been blessed with good fortune in previous wars, and have conquered regions to show for it. But conquering land is a double-edged sword, as it also comes with resistance wars, the sole mechanic keeping this game from absolute imbalance. Already, Poland has control over vast chunks of France, Netherlands, Germark, Sweden, and Finland, and none of these nations are anything to scoff at. Well, most of them 😉 There’s no way Poland can possibly hope to hold down all the RWs while simultaneously conquer Russia, so the only thing they can do is to concede defeat in the regions. And concede they have, with all but Germark reclaiming regions, due to their warmer relations and reluctance to start fighting a stronger enemy. Frankly, Germark is the key to western European liberation. As keenly pointed out in this article here, Poland’s massive empire has two key chokepoints in Saxony and Scania. There’s no doubt that Sweden will fight to the last man to liberate all of their regions, including the latter region, but even without Germarkian support, it is highly likely that a well-funded RW will pop up with sizeable frequency in an attempt to cut off Polish access to all of western Europe. And if Saxony falls, Poland will have a hell of a time getting it back, that’s for sure.

Wait wait wait, you may say. Poland is a mighty force not to be reckoned with or taken lightly. They can simply waltz through Russia, beat up China, then come back and then retake western Europe with the flick of the finger, right? Well, Europe has fallen to TWO forces only because America has turned a blind eye and let Poland occupy all of France and Germark. Granted, America has had little motivation to help their former Terra brothers. Sure, they’re friends, but with France and Germark not being the strongest or most helpful allies, as well as Serbia being on the southern border threatening to invade as well, America has had a strong and just reason not to liberate the French. But now, with brother Russia being invaded as well, and the front in Taiwan growing evermore stale by the minute, it may just be a little too much for the Americans to ignore. So yes, Poland can easily take back their colonies if there’s no interference. But if America decides that enough is enough, it may just break CoT and TWO apart irreparably. And in that case, who knows what will happen?

Until next time, take care!

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Plugson Day 1,935, 20:41

wow ~ good read. Thanks for the insight into the Russo-Loland development.

ligtreb Day 1,935, 20:53

Good analysis here. This will be interesting, that's for sure.

Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,935, 20:55

Been waiting for CoTWO to breakup.
It will be easier to get back on the map now.

Allegra Avionte
Allegra Avionte Day 1,935, 21:01

Good article, definitely some things to think about--subscribed 🙂

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,935, 21:12

Come on America, hop on the good side for once!

shiloh13 Day 1,935, 21:24

Nice article.

Molly Jo
Molly Jo Day 1,935, 22:09


Derphoof Day 1,935, 22:14

"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must." - Thucydides

CoT sees no reason to trash TWO-CoT relations, considering that Russia is not a member. The two alliances are co-dependents in their struggle, but TWO can always force CoT's hand and cause them to yield to their interests. They both want EDEN gone, but CoT is in no position to deny TWO of what they desire.

If anything, this will hurt USA/Russia-CoT relations, but not CoT-TWO relations. With CoT going neutral in this conflict, they have alienated a trial member and a prospective member for the "greater good" of EDEN's downfall. They will simply continue to comply with TWO's demands.

Plugson Day 1,935, 22:30

"If anything, this will hurt USA/Russia-CoT relations" that case TWO is smart to find ways to drive a wedge between CoT and potential new members. It gets to go after an EDEN stronghold and put a small dent in CoT's relations. Not bad.

OVALNI REBORN Day 1,936, 00:17

could be true if there was not bunch of citizens of country whose name should not be written hitting hard for Russia. the wedge may yet go deep

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,935, 22:25

Too bad it is no longer possible to contribute towards the Airstrike requirements.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,936, 23:31


OVALNI REBORN Day 1,936, 00:12

just kidding, a good one indeed:)
but, no boobs, no vote...

Cozza Day 1,936, 01:05

If Poland is smart. They will put no effort into keeping control of Sweden and Finnish regions. Nothing is gained from them resource wise or strategic. So it will be pretty easy to RW Sweden and Finland. Germany, France and Germany are another story.

We did do something right, RW Sorlandet back. I believe UK was going to join in on the Russian invasion. But we managed to stop that. But keep an eye on UK/France in the future. Especially now since France has freed a region that wasn't part of the treaty.

Of course is bad news for us in Canada because Spain isn't doing anything. (Someone tell them to go over to Asia again lol) But it will be a bit easier because now Spain is focused on helping Poland aswell. Some well timed RW's in Portugal, Canada, Venezuela should distract them.

Maegalodonus Day 1,936, 04:46

The main problem is that there has been no connection between Asgard on one side and the western european countries occupied by Poland on the other.

That's the first thing that needs fixing.

SamLeVil Day 1,936, 05:34

very good read!

Bucephalus92 Day 1,936, 07:16

Fantastic article but this is just ignorance " the Americans, oft ridiculed for bending over to TWO’s requests (cough Ctrl cough), has finally done something right for once" the fact that EDEN drove us away hardly means that we never do the right thing.

klop123 Day 1,936, 14:06

You guys in 'Murica never do the right thing...

Bucephalus92 Day 1,936, 14:16

I can remember times when i would stay up past 3 am just to fight for EDEN countries like Croatia and then the very next day Romanians would post hate articles about Americans, you can claim we never do the right thing if you want but I for one will never fight for an alliance that accepts the cancerous presence that it eRomania.

klop123 Day 1,936, 14:20

You misunderstood. You're right EDEN was not a 'star' among alliances.
You guys ended the bromance for Spoland, and refuse to enter any wars to help allies (eg. Polski-Russian conflict)

I'm not saying eAmericans are bad, I'm just saying the right decision is never made.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,936, 14:55

I wasn't around when the Bromance finally ended, though I was sad to learn it had happened. However my understanding is that Canada leaked classified intel that fu**ed us over. Perhaps it could have been salvaged but I'm sure there was some blame to lay on both sides. As to entering wars to help allies thats pretty tough to do when you consider the situation we've been in. Its been a very murky place out their for us foreign relations wise, maybe things seem more clear from an outside perspective. As for war direct war against Poland I think that might actually do more harm than good. Right now we can still support them with our MPP and we are free to cause mayhem on the RW front, whereas direct war would just lead to a counter invasion by Spain/Serbia and cost Russia all of our two clicker damage.

klop123 Day 1,936, 15:04

I suppose we can look at it that way, both eCan and eUSA messed it up.

Well ePoland was already forced to give up their Swedish and Finnish lands ( back to Asgard to avoid battle drains, so maybe dragging Spain/Serbia into their own war could help distract TWO... it would need timezone planning, some mercs (with eUS's current foreign reputation overall) and plenty of hard hitting.
That could result in CoT completely drifting from TWO creating a balance in the eWorld again.

Senor Spielbergo
Senor Spielbergo Day 1,937, 12:32

"However my understanding is that Canada leaked classified intel that fu**ed us over. Perhaps it could have been salvaged but I'm sure there was some blame to lay on both sides."

- IIRC correctly, 'Murica was deciding in secret to abandon its traditional allies in order to try to form CTRL with several countries, with a CTRL vs. everyone war in the offing. Canadian CP Rylde, being the non-diplomat he is, found out about this scheme, and leaked it. America was embarassed, and declared war on Canada for leaking its plans of betrayal. I figure that's about an even-handed view as you can get.

King Friday XIII
King Friday XIII Day 1,936, 09:10

I think we should help Poland kill China, so EDEN can finally die, then there will be nobody for CoT and TWO to fight except each other.

Doomier Day 1,936, 15:12

Comment deleted

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 1,936, 18:55


kavinaugh Day 1,936, 18:55

voted, great analysis

milestailsprower Day 1,936, 22:18

Cool article.

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