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The Economist ~ Romanian Airstrike - an apology

Day 2,019, 06:02 Published in Romania United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends,

A couple days ago the Romanian airstrike on Mexico failed. I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to write about this, but I’ve had RL commitments which have kept me away from my keyboard. Now I’ve seen a lot of articles about this already- the usual bumf from CoT trolling, the political commentary within Romania about what it says about the current pro-TWO foreign policy, and also comments from the likes of Croatia and co about how it’s the Romanian government’s fault for “betraying” them.

The truth is often something which is given in drips and drabs, and reluctantly. A lot of people are going to try and exploit this situation for their own goals- whether that is to try and prise RO away from TWO into neutrality or to try and steer their actively anti-TWO element into power. At least I am honest about my feelings on the matter. I want RO in TWO.

So I won’t try and give you an agenda, just the truth. The truth is that TWO let Romania down. We had the power to beat Mexico, despite the problems. The advantages CoT had in lower divisions are what lost us the battle, and despite hard fighting from Romania, Mexico had a lot more support from CoT than RO had from TWO.

This is indicative of the longstanding problems between various TWO countries and Romania. Despite what people have said, Serbia and the UK both had RO as priority 1 throughout the day. The Serbian President shouted all through the day for troops to attend, both the largest MU coalitions in Serbia were hitting for RO, as well as the UK national army. Slovenia too was fighting for RO, returning the favour they gave in Italy a few days before. However Polish, Hungarian and Spanish damage was largely missing from the battlefield, and that did make a huge difference.

The reasons for this are obvious really. Spain has a long issue with Romania dating back to EDEN times, Hungary obviously is the traditional enemy of Romania and Poland has had a number of fights with Romanian MUs over Saxony. The fact that these problems exist doesn’t undermine the fact that TWO failed, but it does explain it.

All day I tried hard, as did TWO HQ, to secure damage for RO. We saw it as a huge embarrassment that by midday the battle was only marginally in our favour, despite the fact that during the daytime hours the combined forces of TWO, Romania and her allies is almost double the strength of CoT. It was a devastating situation, and in my opinion it’s by far the most crucial battle of this war so far and the fact we lost is a huge advantage to CoT.

Now if being this honest gives CoT a lot of ammo to use against TWO so be it. They were better organised, more unified and more committed to their ally. TWO fought half-heartedly and by the time the server issues began my hope of Romanian victory was slim at best.

To Romania the defeat is a bitter one, and HQ is pretty much agreed that Romania has every reason to blame TWO. In your situation, we would be seriously thinking about abandoning the alliance which apparently doesn’t care about you. I obviously hope you don’t make that decision. We’ve made mistakes, and it’s shown where our weaknesses are. Relationships between our members and Romania are not good, and if Romania in TWO is something we do want, fixing that has to be an absolute priority.

Our problem now is that it’s hard for us to make amends. Romania needed support against Bulgaria- in the end they had to go to Greece. They needed support in the airstrike- and they didn’t get it. Asking them to trust us a third time seems to be a bit of a joke. Even I am nervous that if Romania does agree and starts another attack somewhere history will repeat itself and we’ll fail again. We can’t let that happen.

As an alliance TWO must recognise that Greece and Romania have both extended a hand of trust not just toward Serbia but toward the whole alliance. Every country must recognise the enormous value of the trust they’ve shown and begin to repay it. What’s more, even in terms of self interest the Romanian airstrike is a disaster for the likes of Poland and Spain. With one less ally on the Western battlefront, it may be that those countries are forced to step into a direct war they don’t want. Their intransigent behaviour has resulted in more problems for themselves.

The future of the Romania-TWO relationship is not easy to see, but I’ll continue to campaign hard for Romania within TWO, as I have since the end of last year. I believe Romania to be one of the best allies in the game. Committed, strong, well organised and loyal, it would be an irreplaceable friend to TWO. But that relationship is on rocky ground because of unwillingness from certain TWO countries to push through early growing pains and recognise that a future where Romania is in TWO is to the advantage of both sides.

Romania- please take this as an apology from me. I am sorry for the mistakes we made as an alliance, for our failure to support your airstrike. We asked you to help us and you did without hesitation, yet when it came to be our turn we let you down. I hope that this won’t be the end of our friendship, but I understand that trust will take time to rebuild.




GregoryG Day 2,019, 06:03

I apologize as well. o7

Kolorowy Day 2,019, 10:37

got a PM from me? like two days ago or so

PlNO Day 2,019, 06:07


OVALNI REBORN Day 2,019, 06:11

My God, so many words and it is all better described with only four pics:

Spite313 Day 2,019, 06:13

Sure, if you have the intellectual and emotional capacity of a four year old child

PeroST Day 2,019, 06:20

no,he is actually much older than that 😃 and he is more clever than u think too 😉 but he is just too lazy to read (:

OVALNI REBORN Day 2,019, 06:22

Exactly the same capacity that is required to swallow your false apology without gaging : )

Stop this empty talk and refill the Romanian AS funds, if you truly mean it.

Spite313 Day 2,019, 06:33

It's always a false anything when it comes from someone you don't like. If you actually had a single gram of respect you'd not be such a terrible troll... but I guess it's too much to expect.

OVALNI REBORN Day 2,019, 06:44

You are right. I apologize. Should I write an article about it ,too?
Now, I gave you an option to prove it is not false. Organize a fundraising. Or admit you have apologized only because it costs you nothing.

Spite313 Day 2,019, 06:48

We are waiting to see if the admins refund it first 🙂 But in case you didn't notice, apology isn't for you Mr Croatia No Friends

OVALNI REBORN Day 2,019, 07:04

Oh, such a nice comeback. We are lucky then admins are known for their generosity, so you'll still have a chance to show to Romania how TWO HQ makes amends.

And you are in Romania why? To enrich their media space, I'm sure! So why I would be not permitted to comment - you are not at home, I'm not at home.

Spite313 Day 2,019, 07:14

I've been here months dumbass

Colonel Jack ONeal
Colonel Jack ONeal Day 2,019, 09:25

Unfortunately,we have some people who are loyal to Croatia,the ones who let us down when we've been in trouble because they were too busy to defend their own bonuses in India at overkill. Stupid sleaves....

OVALNI REBORN Day 2,019, 07:18

I know. No more colors of Romanian flag on the avatar? Camouflage not needed any more? xD

Ashkoort Day 2,019, 06:20

Divided country can only fail. Romania is useless as long as they have internal issues.
But yeah, TWO failed too. You had the damage, but most of your members won't hit for Romania and they'll need much more time to do so if they don't leave TWO's a risky move to try to have Romania, Hungary and Spain on the same side.

Dio Jazar
Dio Jazar Day 2,019, 06:23

i forgive u

mcmoox Day 2,019, 06:24

We have failed in a mission to help new friend ...

Sorry Romania ...
Next time we will try harder...

MCMOOX je bio ovde!!!

Rumenko LizME
Rumenko LizME Day 2,019, 06:27


Ostenburg Moravek Gyula
Ostenburg Moravek Gyula Day 2,019, 06:30


JeguljaM Day 2,019, 06:48


Look at this

Romania you chose the wrong alliance : /

Spite313 Day 2,019, 06:49

Siddy, guy who desperately tried to make CTRL? What a surprise, he doesn't like Serbia or Hungary either. I'm not a fan of him either.

NueveOcho Day 2,019, 07:02

Me neither, I'm not going back to Spain until he leaves the game 😛

Warmnuel Palitos El Adjetivo
Warmnuel Palitos El Adjetivo Day 2,019, 07:02

Spain is also TWO, and we are not sorry about anything, Romania.

NueveOcho Day 2,019, 07:02

Sorry Romania
Next time we will crush them o7

cristi4seby Day 2,019, 07:21

o/ : )

Lorcema Day 2,019, 07:08

I wonder to know what the admins will do with all the bugs found that day and that AS.

fuzzy wuzzy
fuzzy wuzzy Day 2,019, 07:33


Lorcema Day 2,019, 12:01

nothing? who filled the reqs of Romanian AS again?

Darkslowstar Day 2,020, 08:20

the ones who blew it. Its not the first time that this happens. The admins dont care about eRo, they care only abou their pockets

fuzzy wuzzy
fuzzy wuzzy Day 2,019, 12:06

dammit, this is unbelievable

Lorcema Day 2,019, 13:01

OMG, really? great 4 him ; )

stoxi Day 2,019, 07:18

Blaming this on Hungary's/Spain's/Poland's issues with Romania won't do the trick. They weren't even prio for Serbia....
I'm sure Romanians knew what they were getting themselves into when they became pro-TWO. The countries there aren't famous for the brotherhood between them. I remember when China was deleting Spain how not a single country put them for CoT for the whole day xD

oboj Day 2,019, 07:48

Slowly, but firmly, our youth is growing up.
AS fail and your article prove to be good lessons.

Spite313 Day 2,019, 08:44

It's hard for countries to fight for you when you're tanking their RW Oboj. Maybe if you'd done 150m for Romania instead they wouldn't have lost.

oboj Day 2,019, 09:42

No need to continue. I'm too old for this 🙂
You've succeed to fool our new generation. They've preferred bending whole country's pride in front of the fat behind (which we kicked in Saxony) for some euphemistic promises you skillfully (as always) have given them. By doing this you've managed to crack our society in pieces. Congratulations!
Lies are effective from short term perspective but for longer run it's useless, most often, even dangerous. That, probably, is the real reason why your apologies came in.

Spite313 Day 2,019, 09:55

At what point did I lie? I've been unfailingly honest that I wanted to beat EDEN, but I'm not some troll to continue flogging a dead horse. Romania had options and I wanted them to pick TWO. Fair enough if you want to drag Romania in another direction- though as far as I can tell you just want to destroy their current direction without presenting an alternative.

We're all old these days.

Kolorowy Day 2,019, 12:40

"Lies are effective from short term perspective but for longer run it's useless, most often, even dangerous. "

^ best example EDEN 😉

Vasojevic Stevo
Vasojevic Stevo Day 2,019, 10:29

oboj, mate, everything is always much more complicated then we want it to be. There are always some old story that is impacting relationship between our in game communities. But generalization of all the ppl is not good idea. You can belive it or not, it is up to you, but lot of serbian players really tried to help. Obviosly ot was not enough. But lot of us did our best.

Angeldim Day 2,019, 07:54

Romania Greece Taiwan and Turkey become TWO servents and even if they enter TWO they will always be treated as servents rofl

Nane Vutov
Nane Vutov Day 2,019, 08:20

CoT is the only alliance where Romania can be happy!

Spite313 Day 2,019, 08:45

Trolls just make themselves look silly to be honest. If you want to give everyone reading your comments you're an angry child, please continue.

estroe Day 2,019, 08:52

We don't need a charity,we're big boys...but,fool me once shame on you/fool me twice shame on me

mihail.cazacu Day 2,019, 09:27

Deeds speak stronger than words.

Have Poland, Spain and Hungary offer MPPs to Romania and then we'll know TWO's offer for cooperation is genuine.

Matanibi Day 2,020, 22:40

that's a border they have to pass.we'll wait for them to do that.

Vasojevic Stevo
Vasojevic Stevo Day 2,019, 09:27

I dont represent anyone but myself.

For me, it was absolutely clear what to do:


fuzzy wuzzy
fuzzy wuzzy Day 2,019, 09:40


Narlindir Day 2,019, 09:51

Let me tell u something...

Never defeat, only new lesson.
We tried hard, not good enough as we can, sorry for that.
Full support for Romanian friends 0 /

AronMacedon Day 2,020, 08:46

brown nose much?

Narlindir Day 2,020, 09:13

Kakav ti jarane imas problem da te prosvetlim?

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