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The Economist ~ How to make friends and influence people

Day 1,831, 07:20 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Spite313

Dear friends

Today I want to do a new player guide of sorts, and explain what TUP can do for you as a new player. Our focus has always been on nurturing and bringing through the next generation of leaders. In four years we’ve had more Presidents, Ministers and Alliance Leaders than any other party in the UK, and probably more than any other party in the world. We’ve not achieved this because of the number of members we have, but because of the quality. Our training and development is second to none, and that is what I want to talk about today.

When you first join the game as a new player your priorities are money, weapons and learning the basics. Most parties offer help schemes to this end- giving you a few extra pounds for joining, maybe limited supplies. They’ll message you with their views and ask for your support and your vote. This sort of thing is generic and practiced to one degree or another by all UK parties. In TUP we have schemes like this, as well as an unlimited supplies division for the most active players.

But this is only the very first baby step, not the fulfilment of your eRepublik game career. In eRepublik the only limits on how far you can rise are ones you set yourself. TUP has never had more than a quarter of the UK’s voters within its fold, yet it’s won many elections and held a lot of influence. This is because players from all parties and none recognise that many of our players are strong, competent leaders who can guide the UK through the good times and the bad.

Making more leaders like that is our absolute priority, and that’s why we have our training and promotion programs. For players who want to get ahead, we do our best to secure them training positions in the UK government and in the party itself. We give them not only the chance to excel however, but the training you need to be able to do it. TUP is full of active government ministers, ex-Ministers and strong older players who can give you the advice you need. In our channel right now as I’m writing this 66% of players there have served at a Ministerial level or higher- the rest are newer players who are either working as juniors in the government or are working towards doing so. We also have, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, fifteen CP medals amongst the 18 players in our channel right now. The whole active party has double as many.

TUP gives new players a hand up

That’s a lot of knowledge and experience for new players to absorb. When you venture out into the realms of responsibility and reform, it’s good to be able to ask for the opinion of those who have gone before. They can give advice about how they succeeded in their aims, and the hard lessons of failure they learned from their mistakes. We always support players in bringing out their ideas, and by no means do we promote “uniformity” or conservative thinking. Most of the great new policies to come out of TUP in the last two years have been from new players. Most of those with the best ideas - like Talon, our current President, have gone on to achieve great things.

In TUP hard work and dedication is rewarded. Commitment to the UK is the highest virtue, and our congress members are ranked for the elections based on activity, hard work and willingness to volunteer to work for the UK. It’s possible to go from new player right up to government minister in just a few months with the right help and guidance, and that’s help TUP can provide. This is the reason so many players move to TUP from other parties. Once they feel they’ve reached their full potential elsewhere, they come to TUP where we can give them the help they need to make the next step.

In fact this trend is so strong that many people have accused TUP of taking over governments because of our presence there. The truth is that TUP is still a minority party despite its size- it’s never had a majority of party members, never mind voters. We are successful because of our policies and players, not our strength of numbers.

I’m not going to make this a long article. My offer to the UK population and our ex-citizens abroad is this: TUP can fulfil your ambitions, whatever they may be. Provided you’re willing to work hard, listen to others, form opinions of your own and do your best by the country we will give you everything you need to succeed. We can give you financial backing, training, experience, knowledge and introduce you to the right people abroad. Whether it’s the knotty area of international relations that interests you or supporting other new players in the UK, TUP has the power to help you reach that goal.

Fulfil your potential, join TUP.




Invalidation Day 1,831, 07:21


Magic Day 1,831, 07:23


Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,831, 07:24

A lot of poetic language but I'm struggling to find solid policy beyond the obvious 😛

Destriant Day 1,831, 07:25

Next one: how to make people and influence?

Voted o/

Kravenn Day 1,831, 07:25


MaryamQ Day 1,831, 07:28

Come to TUP and learn from the best!

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,831, 07:46

So like... everyone with a CP medal in the UK is in TUP?

How are you guys not bigger?

eisenmutter2 Day 1,831, 07:55

"How to make friends and influence people"

the answer is drugs isn't it?

RaviMirza Day 1,831, 08:17

voted o7

WayneKerr Day 1,831, 08:32

I thought the old players were tired and the new generation were not yet ready...

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,831, 08:39

60% of the New Era Congress Shortlist will be first time congressmen, the other 40% will be second time congressmen. 70% of them started playing this year and the other 30% are quiet unknown players. 0% are senior party members (not that we have many of those anyway).

Can TUP beat this commitment to New Players? I see about half of you Congress Shorlist are actually quite senior TUP members...

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,831, 08:39

It is one thing to say this Iain, but do you do it? No.

Spite313 Day 1,831, 10:08

We always put active new players to the top of our congress shortlist Goku, but you're right we always try to make sure congress has the experience it needs to get through tough times.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,831, 10:18

Our Party President decided the list, and he has been playing for less than 6 weeks. You can hardly accuse him of being anti new player when he is one himself.

BigAnt Day 1,831, 10:42

UKPP is the party for new players

Spite313 Day 1,831, 12:00

On what grounds BigAnt? I know you're spamming them all asking them to join, which is why UKPP has shot up the ranks. But what future do they have? TUP offers something more- skills, personal development and training. Being more than just an ego-boosting number.

WayneKerr Day 1,831, 13:13

We too offer education, personal development and plenty of chances to better your account and your experience of eRep. Whatever a new player deems to provide fun will be considered and supported. If there having fun and enjoying themselves they are more likely to log on tomorrow...

Bohemond4 Day 1,831, 16:39

If there having fun and enjoying themselves they are more likely to log on tomorrow...

Goku, forgive me for choosing experienced members to run for Congress as well as new players. I want experience in their to assist in training the zeal of our youth.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,831, 18:17

Heil mein fu..............IMPERiUM

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Day 1,831, 18:21

You spelt "practised" wrong. Ha, payback's a biatch

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,831, 22:54

Sadly you have become the party of forum elite and moderators who's senior members don't even play the game but prefer the bedroom politics of IRC and the forums.

You all seem very concerned about UKPP and New Era recently hence all the flaming and negative articles...and PM's not containing policies but flaming. Its nice to see how genuinely worries you guys are \o/

Alphabethis Day 1,832, 00:29

"That’s a lot of knowledge and experience for new players to absorb.", it's true, TUP is the "sanitary towel" (sanitary napkin ) of eUK, it absorbs everything more than any other.

Alphabethis Day 1,832, 00:31

Had I written the article, I should have said : "Warranteed forum protection and relentless bullying against others without any fear about being banned". It's a very nice point.

Alphabethis Day 1,832, 00:34

Talon has achieved big things... errrr well, Carlini8 has taught him how to use orgs, how to use MM, so Talon as MoF wasn't any good. Now, Talon as MoD,... well, we invaded Canada for no reason and then we got wiped and rescued by Poland ,... so, no points for Talon as MoD. Ok, now, as Country President,... month after month eUK ranks 28-29, so, you can elect a monkey as CP and he'll do probably as good, so no Points. Which things have been achieved by Talon? I'm very interested to hear.

Alphabethis Day 1,832, 00:36

In july-august, MoD has ever achieved anything, ( probably it's BigAnt era too, but Talon was "helping"). eUK is so weak that you could properly remove that ministry.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,832, 04:33

Alphabethis your "napkin" comment made me spit my lunch all over my keyboard!

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,832, 04:35

We have experienced guys in congress, some of them got congress last month - now they can teach the next generation.

It isn't actually that complicated of a thing.

WayneKerr Day 1,832, 06:36

'It isn't actually that complicated of a thing.'

Certain parties seem to like to claim differently. I suspect in order to keep the status quo...

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,832, 07:13

"That’s a lot of knowledge and experience for new players to absorb.", it's true, TUP is the "sanitary towel" (sanitary napkin ) of eUK, it absorbs everything more than any other

...and its full I better not 😃

That was a joke by the way before someone like Invalidation reports it or tries to delete the comment

Alphabethis Day 1,832, 08:08

goku, you shouldn't be eating on your keyboard, anyway, turn it upside down and stir it a bit... the stuff will fall like snow in Christmas.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,833, 03:22

Talk is cheap , everyone please read

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 1,833, 04:52

UKPP supports new players, whether they be in the Royal Navy or Legion:

what does TUP offer?

HAMlDREZA Day 1,847, 11:42

thank you : )

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