The dead public eAPI (map)

Day 3,895, 16:01 Published in Greece Greece by Jimkats1

As some of you know, eRepublik has an API which unfortunately isn't maintained for years now thus it's considered dead.
The link to the API can be found within the ToS (Terms of Services) and Privacy Policy of eRepublik. And those two can be found at the bottom of the site.

Overview/Documentation (sorta):
Some useful links:

To get an API key, even though you can send at the Support ticket, there's a possibility you may never get a response.
You need that API key to be able to use the eAPI.

Taking in consideration the above two sentences, you will think that there's no reason to deal with the eAPI if you pretty much can't use it. Well, there is actually something that you can still use, without API key and it's an active resource, meaning that it gets updated frequently and isn't actually dead/unuseful.

That specific resource is called "map", which only has the action "data".
That means that its link is:

Below are some notes I've made after studying the data it returns:

0) General info
- Only the regions which have a resource are shown
- In case there's a battle in one of those regions, battle info is provided
1) Country
- Country name
- Country ID
- Background color in hex
- ID part of the link
2) MPPs
- Country ID
- Expiration date in YYYYMMDD format
3) Embargoes
- Country ID
- Expiration date in YYYYMMDD format
4) Regions
- Region name
- Region ID
- Population
- ID part of the link
- Indication of resource(s)
- Travel zone
- Indication if it's capital
5) Battles
- Opponent country's ID
- Battle ID

Link without the ID part is 42 characters.
I haven't distinguish the update interval time of the data.

In my opinion, its only downside is that it shows only the regions with resources and not every single one. Else it would be a pretty neat basic resource of data.
But even with the MPPs, embargoes and battles, I think someone can make a use out of it for his/hers personal interest and for the public need, even though there are already tools out there which do that (that goes for the public need). It's good to try and develop a tool on your own, so to learn.

So, that's all I wanted to write in this article. I wrote these notes 2 months ago, but I decided to publish them now after a small conversation with curlybear on eRepublik's Discord regarding the "map" resource.
Thanks everyone for reading and if you have any questions, simply ask in the comments 😃.