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The Crimson Eagles Military Unit is Recruiting!

Day 2,058, 18:00 Published in USA Canada by crisfire

The Crimson Order is a Military Unit made up of many nationalities brought together for common purposes a common enemy and more importantly, commraderie.

In 2009 a Militia was formed in eCanada by an eRep player named Bruck in response to eCanada’s national army being unable to provide its members with the weapons it needed during World War III. Bruck and many eCanadian notables pooled money and met the challenges of liberating eCanada head on.

Soon after, Bruck stepped down and new leadership took over and renamed the Militia to The Crimson Canucks and under the Crimson Order umbrella many other chapters of the Order have been tried with various successes in Australia and South Africa…..

And now the United States of America with The Crimson Eagles!

During the mass exodus of players around the introduction of eRep Version 2 and beyond The Crimson Order has seen its membership numbers plunge to its current numbers today and while we maintain a number of long time players that can deal out some substantial damage our goals have always been to attract newer players and help cultivate them to tomorrows tanks and leaders.

Our membership are some of the most helpful and generous eRep players I’ve ever seen and during the eCanadian occupation by Spain when government funding dried up the call was put out to wealthier members to help maintain or improve our current level of supplies, the call was put out and it was answered with over 60,000 raised in only 2 months

That’s the commitment, dedication and loyalty that our MU has and that’s a great environment for new players to join.

Requirments of Membership

Making a weekly roll call on our forums
Working in a Crimson Order company
Wearing a Crimson Order avatar, members standing by to pimp your cog
Following MU orders

In return for your membership you will receive supplies via an automatic supply drop and access to extra supplies via a request link and a request on the MU feed

With our expansion we are going to need new leaders to fill roles within each of our US battalions

Getting Started

What should I do on daily basis
What is energy and how do I keep it high
What can I find in my land
Which features are unlocked after reaching each level


How you can fight
What happens on a battlefield
How wars work
What a resistance war is
What a resistance war is


Political Parties
When and how elections take place
What you can do if you’re a member of Congress or President


Different companies that you can create
Qualities of products
Different raw materials
Different products
How much you can produce in different companies

The Media

How you can find newspaper articles you are interested in
How and what’s required to start a newspaper
How to write newspaper articles

Great Tips for Beginners

- Join a Military Unit to take advantage of Daily Order rewards and seek help and supplies

- Join a political party and ask for help

- Save your gold to invest in training facilities

- Make lots of friends so that you can get info from shouts

- If your going to upgrade anything WAIT for the periodic deals like the 45% off company upgrade ect, ect.

- Make sure your in a Military Unit that provides supplies to fight and move

- Find enjoyment in game by interacting with others through the media, forums, shouts etc, and not even worrying about accomplishment in battle or business. These are crafted to be money sinks surely ending in disappointment.

- Don’t spend more in resources to accomplish eReps periodic missions then you get back in reward

- Do the math if you plan on hiring people and take tax’s into account, don’t lose money.

- eUSA is full of people willing to help out new players with food and weapons, start in MU’s and political party’s, grow your player network, use your feeds to ask for help.

- Upgrade your energy centers and training facilities, don’t waste gold on Energy bars and first aid packs.

- If you plan to spend real life money the best deal is the monthly Combat Stash

- Work, train and fight every day

- Don’t lose money chasing a Mercenary Medal as the reward is only 5 gold.

If you have any tips not included here please PM me and ill add them

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cochoperez Day 2,058, 18:00


The.Dude Day 2,058, 18:10

Dare to fly like an eagle

morten628 Day 2,058, 18:19


crisfire Day 2,058, 18:19


join today

Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod Day 2,058, 18:20

Heh....he said cog.

Muglack Day 2,058, 18:25

I bleed CRIMSON!

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,058, 18:33

Crimson Max!

Eric Last
Eric Last Day 2,058, 18:40

I bleed CRIMSON! x2


davidjonestoo Day 2,058, 19:13

I bleed CRIMSON!

Uncorporated Day 2,058, 19:16

Stars and strips and bright red cogs. Couldn't ask for a better combo.

Uncorporated Day 2,058, 19:16


I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 2,058, 22:36

Strips can be good too

potato134 Day 2,058, 19:26

more like the crimson pigs abs

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 2,058, 19:46

Needs more Canucks o7

crisfire Day 2,058, 19:54


Rylde Day 2,058, 20:14

they be active

Churchill93 Day 2,058, 21:33


binksy Day 2,059, 00:18


Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,059, 00:40

Best of luck guys.
Still love crisfires best articles according to crisfire xD

Decode Masala
Decode Masala Day 2,059, 00:59

We need more people to keep me company in our bar ... er, I mean irc.

Shadow455 Day 2,059, 01:33

Crimson max .
Join today.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 2,059, 04:35

Join today. You know you want to!

David Wayne Smith Esq
David Wayne Smith Esq Day 2,059, 12:48


Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 2,059, 13:21

Woot! Crimson in the USA!

Goddrick Day 2,059, 20:46

Go Crimson or Go Home.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 2,060, 00:17

Welcome aboard mate

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 2,060, 00:44


T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 2,060, 00:56

also you had me at lexi belle 😃

starscreamzz Day 2,062, 04:22


jfjacob Day 2,062, 23:50

Everyone bleeds crimson, thus, everyone supports The Crimson Order!

Become one of the sheep and sign up today!

Lucan Day 2,063, 07:05

I just bleed red... 🙁

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