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The Contract [poem]

Day 1,758, 03:59 Published in Poland Hungary by Swoosh.

I have read a poem by Xafania (in romanian), that I liked, I thought I'd share it with the bigger audeience (in english).
Hope she won't mind.

I woke up this mornin
To check how my eLife is flowing
I turned my computer on
To have the daily order done

Wow, this was unexpected!
Contract bullshit, what a heck?
Sign the contract everybody!
'Cause this s*** 's expirin'!

Now I stay and do the math
What do I spend, what do I get?
This because I'm really small
My piggy bank is empty! LOL!

If your char is old and strong
Contract's gonna worth the gold
Training's gonna get a lot cheaper
And your muscles will grow a lot bigger

You don't have the gold for it?
Get your VISA, pay for it!
Contract is new and trendy
90% of people is gonna to get it!

I'm all angry here again
Because I'm forgotten, well
I can't sign that contract yet!
Bankruptcy has tied my hand

This is the game, really, y'all
Forget this promo! Moving on!
Maybe there's another one.
That's not gonna cost that much

Lots of eYears I wish you all
But I'm getting bored this fall
Bored of Promo-s and Contracts
Because I'm broke you numbnuts!


MirceaDrac Day 1,758, 04:10

nice interpretation:)

cc1432 Day 1,758, 04:15


ManuR Day 1,758, 04:19

very nice

Mystela Day 1,758, 07:09

Really good & classy with the links to Xafania & the original! \o/

Dunapataj Day 1,758, 08:24


Schelling Day 1,758, 13:04

Fraternal Union!

Sztandar Day 1,759, 14:37

simple, little joys of eRep

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