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The Conspiracy!

Day 1,618, 06:32 Published in USA USA by vrpanch

So I was thinking last night about the eRepublik economy,

and then when I logged in at 2:00 erep time, and saw the Q3 training grounds, it confirmed what I came up with:

The admins are trying to get the Gold price to a value that we cannot make any significant amount of gold from companies. Leaving us only one option and that is:

To buy gold from them!

As some of you might know already, I figured out that if I upgrade Free training ground, Special Forces Center to Q3 and Climbing center to Q2. I can gain 51.8 str everyday, which means I get 5 gold (and SS medal) every 5 days!
The cost of this training plan is 1.98 gold/day.

Given that you get 5 gold every 5 days, this training plan only cost 0.98/day over the 5 day period.

When I learned this I started to think, why would the Admins give an awesome benefit like this?

The answer came to me when I checked the Gold price to be 2100+ cc. And instantly realized that the Q3 training ground upgrade is justified because in a month or so, gold price will be high enough that we will be lucky if Q6 companies will be able to make 1 gold in a week.

Still have plenty of Q5 food for V+S. 😉


elmotion Day 1,618, 21:18

V+S! 8/22

vrpanch Day 1,619, 04:51

Thanks, i sent u some food.

Rom Paul
Rom Paul Day 1,619, 12:57

V12 already subbed

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