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The Commies; Endorsement March 12.

Day 1,564, 13:07 Published in USA USA by LordRahl2

I officially announce that I endorse:

Because well:

Basically it is unfair for me to influence the election in any way. I am a PTO candidate. I took and take this responsibility seriously. For example zero of my elected candidates are complete morons. I take pride in this.

Each of the serious presidential candidates have asked for my endorsement. I have an opinion and will vote in game for that person.

However, of those who asked; none shall have the I Nationalist Conservative I Party. Because: Fairness.



pearlowl Day 1,564, 13:32

fair enough

I ate bilav

Nathan Nate Drake
Nathan Nate Drake Day 1,564, 14:52

you say fairness, i say oppression of free speech

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