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The Coleman Global Takes Off

Day 1,044, 17:10 Published in Ireland Ireland by Ian E Coleman

Est. 2010
First edition: Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear reader,
We are pleased to present the first ever edition of The Coleman Global; a new newspaper, based out of Ireland, which will serve the entire eRepublik world, from the USA to India to Australia. We hope to provide you with interesting material, useful information, and an entertaining edition to your eRepublik routine.

Our first edition will include the following publications:

***Other Stories in this Paper***

Introductions: "The Coleman Global Takes Off"

Headline: “Northern Ireland Flops Again”

Facts And Figures: “Which Country Is Most Survivable For Beginners? (2 Part Special)”

Special Report: "New Changes Cause Wave of Dissent"
Special Report: “Ireland On The Ropes”



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