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The Canadian Progressive Front Fruit Draw!

Day 1,789, 09:50 Published in Canada Poland by TheSmoke

Five days have passed and a good number of CPF members have jumped into the First Fruit Lottery, a free and fun way to potentially win some yummy prizes! Hope everyone is ready to remove the immense suspense that is shrouding this entire article. Guess what, we will, actually we are in the process, the Fruits have been evenly distributed into the automatic and always fair tumbler. I can reassure you that shape, size and/or taste of the fruit will have no role in dictating the winning outcome.

Ok so our first fruit from the automatic and always fair tumbler is.............







There you guys go, the CPFs fruits of the week!

1st place = 5 gold, 30 Q7 Weapons and 250 Q7 food
2nd place = 3 gold, 20 Q7 Weapons and 150 Q7 food
3rd place = 1 gold, 10 Q7 Weapons and 100 Q7 food

P.S. Sorry, the draw was supposed to be last night, but my friend Alexander Keith stopped by for the evening...



Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,789, 10:24

Congrats to the winners!

Plugson Day 1,789, 10:44

Dang, good prizes. Maybe next time me and my fuzzy kiwis will get lucky

Catapult Day 1,789, 10:53

Sweet, thanks! (no pun intended)

TheSmoke Day 1,789, 12:09

Those are some pretty sour jokes...

da dun dun cheeeeeee

Scopo Day 1,789, 12:31

Thanks a lot TheSmoke!

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Day 1,789, 16:10

good going to all the winners.
(nice prizes too)

TheCanadianPunk Day 1,790, 05:43

LMFAO I WON REALLY and he actually paid out thanks Smoke mush appreciated!! 🙂

the grinch
the grinch Day 1,790, 07:16

Every time I see fruit draw for some reason I envision a bunch of old blue haired ladies doing a fundraiser for their church group 😛

TheSmoke Day 1,790, 08:35

No problem guys 🙂

Maybe we are grinch, just a bunch of prunes here 😉

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