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The British Army , regiment results day 1,932

Day 1,933, 04:48 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Sir Winston S Churchill
The British Army Top UK Unit

This week we will start off a trial as we are still moving members around.

Well done to Jon who dropped over 40 million for the Royal Welsh!

Points will be given for damage , plus kills and a roll call !

Great Prizes will be given each week !

More Details on our amazing unit can be found on our web page

Looking for a new unit ? Want to fight along side us ? Then look no further the British Army is your next stop, Join us today, for daily q7 and food. We have members from many nations helping us defend our allies in battles across the globe, great supplies are on offer an we welcome fighters from the following nations Great Britain ,Poland,Latvia,Chile,Estonia,Spain,Hungry,Serbia,
Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria,Indonesia and Venezuela

Want more info PM the Commander now

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Treacherous Day 1,933, 06:30

Cool! Nice work! Day 1,933, 07:15

go in British Army 🙂

The Cyber Assassin
The Cyber Assassin Day 1,933, 07:25

Well done Jon........ wait..... That's me!

dBigMac Day 1,933, 07:27

Be the best!

Alphabethis Day 1,933, 07:46


AdmiralNelson Day 1,933, 07:48

be the best and secund to legion LOL

Rakurules Day 1,933, 07:52

Be the best

NuclearNinja Day 1,933, 08:13


Mr.Calitis Day 1,933, 09:45


Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 1,933, 10:26


brian65 Day 1,933, 14:46


GNimmo Day 1,934, 23:53

40 million damage just sounds scary. Well done Jon!

NonDairyTea Day 1,934, 12:04

Where's QDG in the regimental list? We should be down there haha

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