The Black Sheep Party and It's Guide!

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The Black Sheep Party “TBSP”

By SAR97

This is to all the Past, Present, and Future member’s of the Black Sheep Party. You mean the eWorld to me. Thanks for being so bad a**. ~SAR97

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By the Black Sheep Media Department
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Chapter 1: The History
The Begins
Courtesy to eShades

he Black Sheep Party (TBSP) was formed in November 2013 after yet another successful anti-takeover (ATO) operation by the eUSA. Henry William French was selected by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as the chosen one from a list of candidates to take over the American Freedom Alliance. He faced off against Ronald Gipper Reagan (i.e. public enemy #1) and after a lot of shouting and vote-buying by eUS leaders to secure the election, Henry William French won.
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The Reformation

As of May 2014, Henry William French has served six consecutive terms as Party President.

TBSP's first month in Congress occurred during the March 25th-April 25th, 2014 term, after We The People (WTP), the party in fourth place at the time, was sabotaged two days before Congressional elections; the party president had put numerous citizens with eSerbian ties in the primary positions in the Congressional list order. The aforementioned DHS quickly took action with the other top-five parties' leadership to remove WTP from the top five and insert in TBSP (the sixth party). The incredible undertaking was tremendously successful, but TBSP leadership couldn't get more than eight candidates in the few hours they had (I received a PM asking me to run two hours before the deadline, which was 1 AM in Ohio while I was sleeping and missing the drama). All eight candidates were elected (incidentally, TBSP received enough votes for twelve candidates).

The next month, TBSP made it into the top five without any political-takeover threats (i.e. on its own merits).

The Black Sheep Party has always been a party strictly supporting every player rather than the players in power. In the April-May 2014 term, TBSP supported a proposal to decrease the work tax by two percent (from ten to eight percent). The proposal was rejected by one vote (25-26) after a Congressman changed his vote at the last moment.
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Chapter 2: Leadership
Party President Histroy
Courtesy to Henry William French

- Henry William French: November 2013 - August 2014 (10 Terms)
- eShades: September 2014 (1 Term)
- Arrden: October 2014 - February 2015 (The Winter President) (5 Terms)
- Henry William French: March 2015 - May 2015 (2 Terms)
- eShades: May 2015 - present

Party Leadership

Party President
Party President Leadership Team

This months party leadership is:
~ Party President: eShades
~ Vice President: Henry William French
~ Secretary General: Arrden
~ Councilor: Bob Boudahili
~ Spokesman "Media Director": Resoula
~ Member Support Director: n/a
As of June 22, 2015 at 6:46 PM USA Central Time
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Chapter 3: Communication
IRC Channels
Courtesy to SAR97

Our IRC Channels are pretty simple. They are:
#blacksheep ~ Rizon Server for anyone
#VMA-214 ~ Rizon Server for MU members only
and few Top Secret Channels 😛
Black Sheep Party Forum

Party Forum There are many tutorials on there and starting to have games on there. Also party member's can request to get into the party member only area.
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In Game Shouts and Articles

Most party related stuff is done in shouts. Everyonce in while there an article that requires your assistance. Then very sheldon is there anything on the forums that requires your assistance. There a lot of party activity on IRC thought. so be sure to be on IRC, read the shouts, and check in on the the forums and newspapers everyonce in while.
Party Leadership newspapers
Top 2 that would have the most chance of having a important article:
~ eShades:
~ Resoula:
Other Party Leadership:
~ Arrden:
~ Henry William French:

Non party leadership:
~ SAR97:
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Chapter 4: Elections
Party President
Courtesy to Resoula

On the 15th of every month we all get to press a vote button in which we elect our very next party president. This person shall lead our party into the future or into the ground based on the choices of the party. Some parties have a higher-up inner circle which decides who will be the next party president, and if their choice is not met, they cry "PTO!" and rally as much help as possible to enforce their rule rather than allow for a free election. Some parties think we operate the same way. Luckily here are TBSP we operate on a much more democratic basis.

Here in TBSP we have a number of persons that run for Party President. We never mass mail or try to tell anyone in our party who to vote for. When the elections come the runners receive their endorsements and its usually the person that shows the most experience or potential that wins. Our very own Henryfrench has held the PP title for most of TBSP's existence, and not once have we had to try to convince anyone to vote for him. We are a party that respects action, and as long as you take action to help further our party along, you can expect to become a respectable runner in the Party Presidential elections!
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Congress Elections

There are two major parts to Congressional Policy. The first being how much control a party exerts over which congressional candidates get into Congress. The second being how much autonomy is granted to those candidates in the way of how they're allowed to vote when in Congress. There are a certain few parties that ONLY approve candidates in their inner-circle and force them to vote the way leadership tells them to lest they never serve another term as a congressional candidate ever again. I'm happy to say, The Black Sheep Party is quite the opposite.

If you want to become a Congressional Candidate in The Black Sheep Party, you must simply show us that you are interested. We love to bring new faces into congress, as there is never such an enthusiastic face as a new face. The only control we exert is making sure that those enthusiastic new faces make it in, even if it means leaving a more experienced congressman out for a term.

Once you are in congress I am happy to announce that unlike a few other parties, you are 100% autonomous. We will not control your actions or your words. You vote how you want to. You discuss what you want to discuss. You propose things you want to see enacted. We make sure every congressman is aware of any and every discussion/proposal/vote we can so that you can keep your activity through the roof as well!
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Presidential Elections

Presidential primaries are where I see the most misconception about our party. In some parties the leadership picks out a candidate they approve of, and proceeds to mass message their entire party "VOTE FOR PEDRO!". I'm happy to announce yet again, that here in The Black Sheep Party you are free to vote for whoever you wish. We have no restrictions or punishments for not voting our way. And do you know why? Because the candidate we endorse is picked through a vote on our party wall by all of our party members.

Once presidential elections comes around we post a primary on our party wall in which every black sheep has one vote to add to deciding which candidate gets our formal endorsement. Usually our "None of the above" option wins, and that is because it was what a majority of our party members choose. And whether we endorse any candidate or not, you are always free to vote for whoever you want whether our leadership likes or despises them. You can skip voting all you like as well, we don't force anything upon you here in the black sheep party.
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Chapter 5: Castle Black Sheep
Courtesy to Arrden

We members of the Black use the term to refer to our home. The Black Sheep Party/MU and our IRC channel #Blacksheep. When new and old players alike join our #Blacksheep channel, we welcome them to Castle Black. It's a hard and cold place, at least for most of the year. A place far away from all the other flowery towns of the other T4 Parties and MU's. A place where Honor, Integrity, and Candid ways are not some forgotten way of conducting your personal and social affairs. If you feel you're the right caliber of person and player to dwell in a tough place like Castle Black, then Take the Black.
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