The Bifurcated States of America

Day 2,940, 10:19 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

I write today to two eUSAs.

And first, I write to you both in explanation of the shocking results of the recent Presidential Election.

The community of actives in the Socialist Freedom Party had determined to run a protest campaign against Wild Owl because the Owl had apparently snubbed SFP by not even seeking their nomination. Nothing wrong with either side of that, WO doesn’t need to seek every nomination. And SFP can run whomever they want for whatever reason.

And since the campaign was a protest campaign against Wild Owl, the thought was that no member of SFP had a better chance to steal votes from the inevitable victor than I. So my campaign for CP began as just this: SFP wants to send Wild Owl a little snub reply to his initial snubbery.

And what more “SFPish” thing to run on than a no-Dictatorship month? OK, why not? Despite the fact that I am, myself, pro-Dictatorship, because I was running for the Party more than for myself (read: I was not running to win), I adopted the no-Dictatorship and decided to mold it into whatever I could. I am a creative player and I do enjoy a challenge like this.

So as my campaign came together, I devised a strategy for the defense of our Nation without a Dictatorship. I published my plans. And I won. When I went to sleep (always early on a) Saturday night, I was still behind by 7 votes. Go figure.

Switch scenes.

During all of this, while my SFP comrades were basking in the glory of the no-Dictatorship campaign (one of the key concerns of many SFP members is the Dictatorship which was being given national attention for the first time since its adoption in Congress) Congress itself was having a series of debates. The key debate in Congress was over a discussion I started requesting that Congress vote to allow a 1 Month Non Dictatorship Government.

It was in that thread (and the vote which it led to) that Congress clearly stated it’s majority and minority views.

The majority view in Congress is that EVERY COUNTRY PRESIDENT MUST ALSO BE THE DICTATOR.


So the fact of the matter is that the majority of the Citizens in eUSA elected a President who was, in effect, running against the Majority of Congress.

Now in the course of affairs, having been elected, I accepted the Dictatorship according to Congressional dictate. Then the Bear Cavalry - a Military Unit which is loosely associated with (but not completely divorced from) the SFP - launched a Revolution against the Dictatorship. This Revolution perfectly defines the bifurcation of our Nation.

The Revolution technically enacted the platform of non-Dictatorship upon which I was elected Country President. From that perspective, the BC acted in accordance with what could be perceived as the majority view of the citizens of USA.

But the Revolution also triggered the Congressional laws against launching an unauthorized Revolution. These laws had been violated somewhat recently by several of the Congresspeople who now sit in judgment of the Bear Cavalry. Irony is a b***ch.

See the bifurcation?


All of this - from the snub to the blacklistings - serves to illustrate what is very real in eUSA, there are two nations. We are not, in fact United States (however you want to count “states” in eRepublik). We are a nation whose Representative Congress more accurately reflects the views of the most active citizens while not necessarily reflecting the views of the majority of the citizens. This is not a tragedy, but it has at least finally been put to the test.

In all of this, I have been accused of many things, the worst of which havn’t been made public. How can you blame my accusers? What has been accomplished, in part by me but in full by those around me and the voters, is a direct threat to the authority of the Congress. In fact, Congress is already busily formulating new laws to further increase its power over the Executive branch of Government. For those in the majority view of Congress, this will be seen as a good thing. Ironically, I probably count myself among them.

But for those of you who represent the minority view, and for those of you Citizens who voted for non-Dictatorship but are about to have it stripped away by a Congress that will not tolerate it, I strongly recommend that you make a choice right now to get better involved in this game. If you truly voted for me because you wanted to see something different and exciting, I obviously delivered on that! But if you want to continue to see things that are different and exciting, then there is ONLY ONE WAY TO DO IT.

You must stop two-clicking.

You must make the choice to play this game. What I have shown you over these past few days is that the mechanics of eRepublik firmly favor Congress. LEARN THAT. It is such an important point that I will repeat it…

The game mechanics of eRepublik firmly favor Congress.

If you will realize this, and if you want to take over greater control of this game as is your right as a citizen of eRepublik and eUSA, you MUST GET INVOLVED WITH CONGRESS.

As of this writing, the prospects of a Dictatorship-free December are fading. Congress simply wields too much power - from Impeachment to the CBO - to imagine victory against them. If I thought that Congress were truly acting in a way which HARMS the eUSA, I would fight them. I would find my middle finger and use it. I would welcome their eventual Coup of my Administration and I would outspend them. Hell, if I really thought Congress was harming eUSA, maybe I should re-establish myself as dictator and strip them of their income! LOL.

But I do not think that Congress is harming eUSA. Though the current debate has placed me on the opposing side of the argument from those I tend to agree with, I can tell you that the process of the debate is sound.

And so I will address both ‘sides” of these Bifurcated States of America.

First, to the Congress, Establishment, Elitists, Pfluffernutterists, and we all know who we are:

I apologize that I was not as available during two large blocks of time during which the debate was getting most interesting. RL was a bit of a burden during those two blocks of time, and that always sucks in this game when it happens. I am also sorry, actually, that I won the election. It forced what was really just a public debate into a legislative debate that I don’t think any of us wanted. I could have spared you of it by reniging on my campaign promises, but that did not seem to me a reasonable option. So we’ve been battling it out. My thanks to those of you who have done so with respect.

Also, I believe that I have given you some opportunities to reform some of your laws. Do it.

Second, to the SFP and all those voters who hoped for a non-Dictatorship month:

If you want anything to change in Government, you cannot do it without a seat at the table. If all you want is to be a noisy gong clanging about oppression, you will always have that. I would be disappointed if that is all you are, and I don’t anticipate being disappointed. You are a vital voice. You must continue to use it in the Media and at the voting booth. But you simply MUST use it in the halls of Congress. If there is anything lacking in our system of Government, it’s individuals working to form voting blocks, inter-party voting alliances, striking deals and bargains… Congress is lazy. Take advantage of that if you want to.

And if you think it is so important that I retain my promise of making December as “Dictator-free” as possible, then my last course of action will need to be to oppose Congress and wait for their Impeachment. Failing Impeachment I will face Congress’ inevitable Coup which will have the backing of the CBO and who knows what all else. I will tell you right now that I will NOT allow Congress to spend money attempting to unseat me, for that would turn me into the kind of Dictator you voted against. In other words, in the end I must either step down or accept Dictatorship.

Those are the issues as I see them. I believe my views are fair and balanced. And while there is much about this ridiculous month that I haven’t liked at all, I will once again say that, as usual I have raised the activity level of eRepublik, something few people do better than I.

Now I must return to the fray in Congress.

Sincerely your non-Dictator,