The beginning of earth - Yet another origin myth

Day 2,065, 15:32 Published in Romania Romania by Alexandru Chivu

Fiind ca m-a luat Alina V cu urlete pentru ca nu stiam daca sa ma inscriu sau nu, am decis sa ma inscriu cu acest articol la Concurs Brainstorming Party - Editie jubiliara.
Asadar, fiind plecat din Romania de mic, imi este mai usor sa scriu in limbi straine, de aceea ma inscriu cu aceasta fictiune personala.

To avoid any copyright problems, I would like to mention that this story has also been published by me on Bubblews at this link.

There was good, there was bad, and then there were the gods, each peacefully living in its own kingdom: the gods in the region now known as Mount Olympus, the angels, representing all that is good, in the still not found portion of the sky known as heaven, and the bad, in shape of demons, in the underground hell. The three kingdoms were not linked in any way, therefore ensuring peace in the world, until that day came. The day of the creation when Earth as we know it started.
It all started with an argument between the Big Three: Poseidon, Hades and Zeus. Each of them was claiming they played the biggest part in destroying the titan lord Kronos, and each naming himself as the most powerful of all the gods. Then, Athena, being the goddess of wisdom, suggested a competition: each of the Big Three will create life, and the most original and powerful creator will be the leader of the Olympus. The gods accepted, and so the challenge begun.
Poseidon was the first to complete his creation. He created water, and defined it as a vital need of all life, then he created a world covered in water and claimed it as his own land. When Hades saw Poseidon’s work, he realized he cannot exceed that much creativity and decided to cheat. He went to the underworld and summoned the demons under his command, then ordered them to destroy Poseidon’s world. And so the demons moved to earth, and began destroying the water by creating land and inhabiting it. When Zeus saw what was happening, he suspected it to be Hades’ work. Zeus always believed in fairness and equality, he couldn’t accept his brother’s cheating and so decided to fight him. He summoned the angels and sent them to earth in order to fight the forces of evil.
And so another battle begun: the forever lasting battle between good and bad. The angels led by Zeus fighting against the demons led by Hades, and Poseidon’s earth serving as the battlefield. The battle was relatively balanced, but the land being the demons’ work, they had the homeland advantage. They knew their way around and were able to ambush the angels in a decisive battle, which resulted in an imbalance in the numbers of fighters in favor of Hades.
Up to this point, Poseidon had not intervened yet, as he had always been a pacifist, but he couldn’t bear seeing his brothers killing each other on his land. What would the other gods think if he didn’t even care of his own creation? And so he decided to stop the war. He used his power over all the water on earth, creating a giant flood. The water gathered into two giant waves surrounding the angels and demons on both sides, then the god of the seas clapped, and the two waves pushed the angels and demons into each other so powerfully that they merged together into a new being: our ancestors.
When the merging happened, the humans were create😛 a new neutral living being. They had both good and bad in them, which also granted them the concept of choice: the power of making decisions. That’s when the gods realized that they have to work together, and the only way life can be preserved is by them looking over it, so the Big Three organized their chores: Zeus, now known as God, is the king of heaven, the keeper of the humans that chose to be good. Hades, now known as the Devil, is the king of hell, the keeper of the bad souls of the human. Poseidon being the creator of earth has the most difficult job. He had to create a good living environment for the human life. He spent a lot of energy to create the earth as we know it, with a well-balanced amount of land and water, animals and plants…
Everything was going good, but throughout the time the humans started destroying his creation, now known as Nature, and so he had to find a way of making it more powerful. As the humans started multiplying faster and faster every day, he was not able to keep up. Therefore, instead of creating more Nature, he sacrificed his immortality giving it to Nature and therefore creating what we know as natural disasters, a power unleashed by Nature to keep balance on earth. He metamorphosed his blood into hot lava, his breath into powerful hurricanes, his weight into gravity… After which, he created a giant flood from which only a few people survived, therefore restarting life from the beginning. And, just as he was about to die, he created the Laws of Nature: laws that govern the world, that cannot be overturned by humans therefore leaving a signature of his mighty power on earth.