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The Battle of 10/2 Bridge

Day 973, 18:03 Published in USA USA by Candor
AUTHORS NOTE: This article has been linked in the TechCrunch article on V2 in the opening paragraph. Many thanks to the entire eRep community for your many submissions which made this article possible. This article will be our historic record of America's first V2 battle, and I am proud to have been there with you.

I was at the Washington Battle of 10/2 Bridge, an historic rout and opening salvo in the brave new world of V2. It is a day and a place that none of us that were there shall ever forget...

12:55pm Location:10/2 Bridge The hospital had disolved, and the medics had retreated...

Sometime before 1:00pm:This reports first recorded death was Blanemcc, a SEES member and Heli pilot who took artillery up the ass on the plains west of the bridge in the opening hour of the conflict, on the front line. Defending the route to 10/2 in the original Russian break through of allied lines, he would be the first of many to die that day...

I had gone to defend the bridge, following the DoD Civilian Orders. I was entrenched with my anti-aircraft artillery unit (shown below), and settled in to await the advance. These were tense moments.

That's me on the "Bridge", lol

1:00pm: 10/2 When the initial Russian advance reached the bridge I stood, momentarily, alone (having watched my friend Matthew Smith The Awesomeness slain before my eyes). To say I was scared was an understatement. Just me and my artillery standing between the Russians and the bridge.

They shot at us...

...we shot back!

2:26pm:10/2 A scream could be heard, "Morphine!". We later learned it was a dying Daks.

3:00pm: Southern front: Bernard75 was part of an elite Polish military unit, the GROM who arrived as reinforcements for our southern flank at the bridge furthest south.

Arriving three hours before the end of the battle, they managed with heroic ferocity to push the Russians well back into their own territory. The Russians, seeing that their supply routes would soon be cut off, counterattacked with a massive veteran attack, to push the Poles back to that bridge, which they then held (along with a multi national force) at great cost in lives and men, till the very end.

To our brave comrades from Poland, America thanks you as well.

3:50pm:10/2 Initially, we repulsed the Russian advance, and we had made great strides in a push west and south. But the Russians countered, and much of that initial gain was lost.

mjmnum1 was there, "Oh God the nightmeres!" and fought to his last breath, as was Bishop M, and F91 Gundam(a noob barely a week old).

4:50pm: 10/2 A distress call went out from Ivar Gizteb, "We need help at the 10/2 Bridge" on the public channels. Shit was hitting the fan. My head was spinning and everything went into slow motion...

Meanwhile: The entire SEES SS had been ordered to relieve the defenders at 10/2, and many died in the battle to break through. Chisholm deployed 20 grid away, and death came while battling forth to relieve us. He took 5 Russians before he fell.

Just as all hope seemed lost, in rode the United States Armored Cavalry! Seriously, I heard the bugles in my mind as they arrived, in force, to repel the advance. Marching beside them were infantry from the United States Army Ranger Battalion (I need unit designations, people!).

And repel they did. I followed along, battling who and where I could, as we pushed, and rolled, thundered and pushed. The army (with me in tow) retook 15-20 grid before being pushed back. Far to the west, and far to the south, before, having spent 6 gold on medic assistance, I retreated from the field for the day.

It is fair to say I saw the Russian advance on Seattle to the south and east, but this was a long way for my tired artillery unit to travel (one grid per turn), and we had done our part for Washington.

The Battle of Seattle:

Someone else should tell the southern Washington battle story, the Battle of Seattle. It is said that hundreds of eAmericans fought bare handed in street to street fighting, but were decimated by the wrath of Russian tanks.

Here's a story from Seattle defender, and later POW Jack Cross, one of the last remaining Americans in Seattle before occupation (condensed): "I was woken from my slumber in my tank, disturbed by shelling on the city. Many Russian tanks were headed down the street next to me, and as I looked in front of me, I saw a squad of infantry chopped down in front of me, meanwhile several veterans who also were charging ahead in their tanks set their sights on me..."

While this story doesn’t cover much of the exploits of Washington's southern front, an honorable mention to our Greek ally, exohoritis, with a total kill ratio of 94-13, and total damage +6300. He fought valiantly for our southern flank and died while in defense of Seattle. America thanks you.

And to Sandar Cain, a South African ally, who single handidly took out 13 Ruskies at Bridge 9/19 before dying a glorious death with military honors.

By 5:00pm, the day was lost, the capital taken. Treat your prisoners well, Russia. We shall remember.

Battle for Alaska:

I've been told President Reala will tell this tale, I'll just give this short perspective:

Later we joined the tail end of the War in Alaska (and spent another 20g), as guests of the SEES Militia. And may I say; those sons’s of bitches can fight! I couldn't keep up with Halfie, I was still using my slow artillery unit then. But I was proud to be a part of the wrap up of operations there. I switched to one kick-ass heli unit to chase Russian stragglers right up to the end of that battle. Flew over Colin Lantrip sitting by himself defending a bridge at 13,14 at reset, waved to him as we flew over. You see us fly over Colin? He was sleeping on that bridge, we now know. We threw some granola bars out the window, which he enjoyed at breakfast.

Also saw our nations colors flying over Anchorage, where in sat our President, Bradley Reala. But another day’s story.

This story, this day’s glories, were The Battle of 10/2. And while we lost the War of Washington later in the day, death and carnage everywhere, headless chickens loose on the field of battle...

...I will never, ever forget 10/2 nor those Cavalrymen and Rangers whom we fought along side.

When I return to Washington (and I shall return), I know I will be fighting with some seriously committed and tough eAmerican’s by my side. What a proud tradition we have, both civilian, militia, and military.

In 10/2 I saw American’s at their very best. We have nowhere to go but forward, citizens. To victory.

Remember 10/2!

UPDATE: 6:50pm Day 974 American Field general Belldandi at grid 8/02 appears ready to make an attempt at retaking Bridge 10/2 in a new battle opened in Washington by The United States today.

She's done it! In a lightning attack by Belldandi, Devin Kesten and MSuracer, the bridge is ours.

________________________________________ ________________________________________

America, we are now at war. The fourth World War has begun.

Join: The United States Training Corps

________________________________________ ________________________________________

Citizen Orders:

UPDATE: Battle in Oregon

________________________________________ ________________________________________

Authors note: If you were at 10/2 let me know so I can add your history to the story.

Note: I gotta say that while this is expensive as hell, everyone fighting together is a real kick-ass experience.


PHuSiOn9 Day 973, 18:09

"I rather fight against a wall" - random dude

Yea sure fighting a wall is much better than this.

Jarhoul Day 973, 18:18

Airborne comes from above. Cavalry is p cool too I guess.

slosh Day 973, 18:24

glorified tug of war was horrible lol
but any way great article i loved it i see a movie deal coming lol maybe they will get bruce willis voted

Blue Holt
Blue Holt Day 973, 18:31

Love it.

Voted. ~

Charmader95 Day 973, 18:45

Very Nice. You should write a book 😛

mdande05 Day 973, 21:11

You should do this more often. And DEFINITELY write a book. It can be like your own little biography of your fave battles or sumthing. lol.


Tepwnzor Day 973, 21:22

Oh god this is so full of win!

slosh Day 973, 21:28

i had a idea for that once like write papers every time like roll play like your in the battle but i cant write lol

Child of Alexander
Child of Alexander Day 973, 21:38

didnt colin quit?

Candor Day 973, 22:03

^^^ He was there, on that bridge (13,14 Alaska @ reset). Alone.

I think, in our time of need, Colin came back to defend America.

As he always has.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 973, 22:20

excellent writing, Candor.


voted. subscribed.

Claire Littleton
Claire Littleton Day 973, 22:40

LOL, 10,2 Bridge. I saw the fight from my office in the Capital... it was a bleak day down there on that little bridge... 10,2 Bridge.

Kyler Lee Octan
Kyler Lee Octan Day 973, 22:40

Go Cavalry, go Army, go Army Rangers! Nice writing, I look forward to the next piece. 😉

RiffRaff90 Day 973, 22:42

v + s

thanks for the cool read!

Kirkzzy Day 973, 23:18


Voted and Subed.

HaoSexy Day 973, 23:19

I were on 10/2 too! And until my death we were holding it! 😃

Norbengo Day 973, 23:19

So basically you forgot about Slavonia again?

Omg. I sure hope you never change sides


""Later we joined the tail end of the War in Alaska (and spent another 20g),""
This is why I will rather fight wall then some crappy pvp where the one who spends more from daddies visa will always win.

I sure hope it make you feel good to spend so much RL money on browsing game and not girls. I know Romanian game developers do.

slosh Day 973, 23:25

sounds like your jealous i hope your right because that means America wins every time

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 973, 23:26

I was napping when you flew over, but I enjoyed the granola bars this morning.

exohoritis Day 973, 23:33

Nice review, heroic battle. Do you know who is writing here? I am your 3rd battle hero in this ferocious battle for Washington. A mere GREEK COLONEL! KIA to defend the whole southern flank of the battlefield. Total kill ratio: 94-13. Total damage: +6300. Arsenal: two serbian q5 tanks. Total rank points earned: 1100 (!). Average Rank Points per Kill: 11.7 (means that as a colonel I fought and won against superior ranks). Total cost: 70 golds.
My most courageous action: Half an hour before the end of the battle standing alone at the hills of the southern flank just across the river (11,20) I had been attacked in ONE turn by seven outraged russian units: 2 tank FMs, 2 heli Generals, 1 tank Colonel, one artirelly unit (stupid), and two infantry FMs (suicidal). And I SURVIVED, causing 600 damage in one turn. Result: a greek colonel caused almost as much damage as the first heros of the battle, LK777 and ZdenekBlacha, Polish FMs, who fought ferociously for the freedom of your land.
Till the next battle, your greek ally, exohoritis. KIA for the freedom of Seattle.

tuPole Day 973, 23:37

But you lost (: (:

ha haa

Norbengo Day 973, 23:42


Nope, it means Romanian owners win every time. It's how v2 is made.
Only thing that was wrong with v1 is that they couldn't get more gold from American lifeless teenagers. But they wanted more and now you have v2.

U could never win us in v1, we defeated you countless times, but now gold worths 10 times as much and you need like 15 times more time just to play it.

You will never win us, coz' ppl who beated you time and time again will not play this money eating game.


mike.vanillabear Day 973, 23:52

Россия ─ вперёд!

slosh Day 973, 23:53


i meant in the game not rl so your point is totally invalid and the second part is hard to understand but it sounded like you where mad because v1 you win and now v2 you quite because you are broke so how will we lose if you all quite and there is no one to fight please explain

Mali Uskok
Mali Uskok Day 974, 00:29

Say hello to Россия and Србијa, and start learning Cyrillic my US of A friendship 🙂.
You do have talent for writing, and If you would like to publish book of funny SF stories you can send your to eSerbian Penguin Publishing CORP.

Best Regards, and see you soon in Florida.

irizorr Day 974, 00:45

...and an opposite point of view here.
You fought brave.
Excelent reportage, perfect combination between story and images.
Copied & pasted to my "eRep history" collection...
I wonder who and when will publish (in the real life!) a best-seller book directly inspired from all those fascinating eRepublik facts and stories.

Candor Day 974, 00:48

Thank you irizorr, an honorable compliment. I'm still updating, as I gather facts and participant names, times, etc. War is a fog.

bernard75 Day 974, 01:20

What do you mean with "southern battle story"???

<a href="">[..].gif</a>

It was polish military groups holding that bridge until the very end.

Norbengo Day 974, 01:24

&quot;&quot;You fought brave.&quot;&quot;

Omg theres no bravery here. What makes it a brave fight? If he didn't spent his daddies visa and there fore fought only once or twice would it still make him brave?

What is bravery in virtual browser game where you can't loose nothing that matters? U'll still be alive tomorrow and all your companies will be safe and sound...

None of you hasn't probably seen RL combat nor bravery. But at least you could know what does it stand for.

Norbengo Day 974, 01:31

&quot;&quot;And even 10/2, where I spent all afternoon fighting&quot;&quot; (and most of my dad's visa)

Omg nolifers, did you know its summer outside? 😮

Norbengo Day 974, 04:08

So Condor why do you delete your comments?

Are you ashamed that you are man in you 40' with wife and kids who spends his afternoons(said it him self) playing browser game? 😮 I find it remarkable that a man with family, to take care of, can have so much free time? Its just impossible.

And your not ashamed that you spent so much RL money daily on a browser based game and then you speak something about my understanding of economics?
Let me explain something for you 😉
I own 2 smaller companies in Serbia. One of them is distributor of Blue Magic(Texas) products to Serbian market.
Browser based games are quite easy to make and maintain. If they have many users like Erep used to, they can live quite nice just on selling adds. Erep can be run perfectly with no more than 50 man and they don't all have to be fully employed.

So why do you pay them 20$ for battle? So that you could hold some virtual bridge and kill 20 ppl who haven't payed for that honor? If your salary is something like 10$ per hour, then you waste 2 hours on this game daily?

Does it make you proud? Does your wife knows where you spend your money?

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 974, 04:13

Norbengo, get back under your bridge, troll.

Max Wallingbottom III
Max Wallingbottom III Day 974, 04:31

Serb troll is trollan.

Great article.

irizorr Day 974, 04:37

In the same time USA was fighting against Russia, Moldavia &amp; Romania (my country) were fighting vs. Ukraine &amp; allies in a battle for Podolia region. I was unlucky to lose my first PvP combat. I remained with 40% health, having no gold for HPs. I asked on our chat if is not better that I quit battlefield. One of my camarades said &quot;You are so brave!! If you quit so fast, what kind of soldier U are?&quot;. And... I did't quit. First I occupied free tiles from the enemy, but I also fougth again, than again, losing but also winning some fights. It was for me a real lesson of honor, from a &quot;virtual&quot; game. No need to fight in RL to understand. In a game people interacts as real. From this point of view, what's the significant difference between the 2 realities?
So, &quot;what makes it a brave fight&quot;, and what U can lose or not, and what it matters or not in a game... think again.
Sorry for responding so late to you comment. It's because have some difficults to use english.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 974, 05:30

People shouldnt spend RL money on this game, then everyone is equal. It would be much better if they (part?) funded erepublik through on screen adverts, and decreased/removed the gold buying.

Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Day 974, 07:20

My favorite part in these comments is when Norbengo asks &quot;nolifers&quot; if they &quot;know it's summer outside&quot;. And yet...who has commented more than anyone else on this article? Hello pot, meet kettle.

Alex Ward
Alex Ward Day 974, 09:57

@ Norbengo YOU MAD? (We can't help it if we're rich off of our hard work and FREEDOOOMMMM!&lt;-- freedom (in case you need a translator))

@daniecox The eRepublik staff needs REAL money, not just AD money. And irizorr and exohoritis probably worked very hard for all of the gold they spent. Be happy for them.

Also, you Russians accuse the eUSA of being whiners, but you got Washington and yet you complain about 20 of your people having 70 health just to get one rich guy at 70 health as well. You'll have 100 again in 4 days with Q5 food.

Also, the eUSA had 300 people slaughtered at the capital, so get over it, you hypocrites.

slosh Day 974, 09:58


you make it worth every penny to hear people like you cry so grow up take your jealousy back to serbia and stop troll spamming a very well wrote article

Candor Day 974, 12:54


I erased my post because it’s a lost cause. Since you insist, I’ll try again.

26g is about $12 here. And while every dollar matters to high school and college kids here, (a majority of players) it won’t be more than pocket change to them either when they get to be my age.

This is a game, Norbengo. American adults spend much more than $12 a day on entertainment (monthly average). And the way I earn my living is sitting 10-16 hours a day at this desk/computer, frequently with a window to the game open.

My wife smiled at your comments (a beautiful wife with a beautiful smile) and said to tell you hello from the United States, by the way. She asked if all Serbians are as angry. I replied that people are people everywhere, and most of the people I’ve met internationally are good people, and fun gamers, even good sports, and honorable in victory, like irizorr above.

But there are angry people everywhere. Luckily, they are a minority.

Now, I have to go buy a 6-pack of beer (for about $12) and a large pizza (for about $24). Be back in a while.

Jim Lincoln
Jim Lincoln Day 974, 12:56

I really enjoyed the story, and I can't wait for the movie.

mjmnum1 Day 974, 13:01

Oh, god, the nightmares. I keep seeing the young Russians whose faces I horribly smashed. Their young, innocent eyes as their superiors sent them into my waiting bullets. Oh the humanity!

Dr. Pwnguin
Dr. Pwnguin Day 974, 13:08

I fought alongside a fellow infantry-man from China. We fought off 3 russian artillery each in the mountains until a few monster-tanks decimated us.

great battles 🙂

Sandar Cain
Sandar Cain Day 974, 13:52



i fought hard at bridge 9,19

took 13 ruskies with me!!

Milos st. Protic
Milos st. Protic Day 974, 14:00

Nicely written. Even tho i was skeptical about military module in V2 it seems to be quite interesting (or at least it will be when they remove all the bugs). Looking forward to your next report, and meeting you on the grid! (hopefully on fields of last Croatian region)

Candor Day 974, 14:02

@ Milos &lt;0

Cold Hearted Snake
Cold Hearted Snake Day 974, 14:04


&quot;&quot;You fought brave.&quot;&quot;

Omg theres no bravery here. What makes it a brave fight? If he didn't spent his daddies visa and there fore fought only once or twice would it still make him brave?

'What is bravery in virtual browser game where you can't loose nothing that matters? U'll still be alive tomorrow and all your companies will be safe and sound...

None of you hasn't probably seen RL combat nor bravery. But at least you could know what does it stand for.'

Dude, who pissed in your Post Toasties? Americans spend $12 (not 12$) for one person to go see a movie.

Iamnameless Day 974, 14:04

Wow. V&amp;S!

dasa1234567890 Day 974, 14:15

Good story 😃
Живела Србија!!!
Norbengo не расправљај се више са њима 😉

S2NMEFISTO Day 974, 14:29

Hmm 12 $ for a movie it this means for a ticket only?In here its 6 - 7 $ (Serbia).
Bdw i Spend money on Games but not on this one.
If they wanted to take money then they should ask 1 $ per month witch is ok This is 400 000 monthly,i heard that they own a
1000 000 in this way they can make this Money in two and half month and all players will be equal.
So this means 12 $ per year this is Realy one small tip,98 % people can afford it.
Sooner or laiter they will start to charge it,if game do not die before that.

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