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The Austrian Communist Party program

Day 1,886, 10:40 Published in Austria Austria by Harzakc

The guiding principle of the ACP is equality for all citizens, regardless of status, race, gender, age, wealth or experience. This is the guiding principle in eRepublik that we support and hold true.

The ACP believes in supporting and guiding the less wealthy and powerful because eAustria can only be as strong as its weakest citizen.

The ACP believes in teamwork because collectively we can achieve more than one individual alone.

The ACP believes in open democracy. All political decisions and votes affecting the public should be made in the open, except in the most extreme circumstances of national security. All Ministers should be available to respond to members of the public and account for their decisions.

Discrimination based on ethnicity or nationality will not be tolerated.

The ACP encourages political debate in all forms, and rejects censorship.

Leadership and its roles

As a Communist Party the ACP believes in a collective leadership, through whom the entire experience and collected knowledge of the ACP is expressed.

The ACP chooses its leader through a common consensus about who should be the next leader. The ACP believes competition weakens us through division, rather than through unity.

The ACP leader is discussed and elected in irc and thus ACP members should make it their primary aim to join the channel #acp on Rizon as often as possible.

The next country president candidate is chosen by the party president, the vice president, the councillor, secretary general, the spokesman and 2 members of the party that were the most active.

Foreign Affairs

The ACP will not influence other countries' general elections. The ACP believes countries should decide upon their leader, not us. No one has a right to influence the result of an election through direct or indirect attempts. The will of the people is all important.

The Economy

The ACP believes that it’s the government's duty to ensure fair trading practices and that a worker's wage should enable a high standard of living, and is also flexible enough to change with the price of consumer goods and in response to market forces.

Every worker should have the right to a fair wage, regardless of employer.

In order to lessen the importance of the liberal market, the ACP sees the tax policy critical. Taxes must be raised in order to lessen importance.


The fundamental objective of the ACP is the organization of a democratic eAustria.

The creation of an eAustria where all citizens of all ethnicities live together peacefully.

The ACP will base its policies on the principle to achieve a socialist and democratic eAustria and will propagate its doctrine accordingly.

The ACP will not hesitate to use all available resources to create a country of equality, liberty and democracy.


The Austrian Communist Party holds these ideas to be true and solid and will not go against its constitution unless in times of extraordinary circumstance.


Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,886, 10:45

voted. good luck with your party

C E R O V I N A Day 1,886, 10:50


Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 1,886, 10:55

Voted hard. Red 'till death! : )

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,886, 11:01

"The Austrian Communist Party believes in open democracy."

Im glad that you know so much about the commies:D

Gullberg Day 1,886, 11:02

nice! i'm glad to see something that serious from you.
good luck

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,886, 11:09

The fundamental objective of the ACP is the organization of a democratic eAustria.

is like

The fundamental objectives of the NSDAP is the organization of a zionist eGermany.

Schwrzwolf Day 1,886, 11:41

MA48 - You say you don't want to recreate National-Socialism the same way like it was implemented in RL, so you should understand that others might want to create a different Communist Party than the ones that existed in Eastern Europe as well.

ad ACP - I still remember the days when this abbreviation meant "Austrian Coalition of Patriots" (it's the ARM now and was the party of the Germanen before), so I'm amused that you chose this combination of letters : D

The way I see your program (especially the introduction and the goals) it looks very similar to the ÖIP stance on those things - except for the reference to RL of course. So I approve of this also and say: "Well done!" and may our parties cooperate fruitfully!

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,886, 11:46

Why would they choose a symbol under which +100million people were killed?

Cratinus Day 1,886, 12:08

They gave their name to the symbol. Changing the logo later means nothing. All players in that party should be excluded from all politics of the country.

NettoBoy Day 1,886, 12:52

@ Schwrzwolf: that is exactly what I thought looking at "ACP" abbreviation (:
And as the ACoP co-founder I should say I have nothing in common with this party, especially with the communist part.

Anyway, I don't really understand why do you name your party "communist" when it clearly represents democatic values and ideas.
Support communism? Move to North Korea, you'll get over it faster than you think.

I strongly support ppl from ACP, but the party name is suggestive and totally unacceptable.

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,886, 13:09

NettoBoy +1

SturmW Day 1,886, 13:57


ZoltanB Day 1,886, 14:26


Schwrzwolf Day 1,886, 14:37

Nice to see MA48 & BoltanZ supporting the ppl from the ACP strongly : D

ZoltanB Day 1,886, 14:48

Herr Schwarz: than Nettoboy +3/4 : D

but its true that there a few normal guy. (2)

Rican Day 1,886, 15:14


Vreath Day 1,886, 15:36

Vagina +3

C E R O V I N A Day 1,887, 03:50


Kenny-1 Day 1,887, 04:15

NettoBoy +1

nitch08 Day 1,887, 05:07


Eheslo Day 1,887, 12:07

In the introduction, editor Stéphane Courtois states that "...Communist regimes... turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government". He claims that a death toll totals 94 million. The breakdown of the number of deaths given by Courtois is as follows:

65 million in the People's Republic of China
20 million in the Soviet Union
2 million in Cambodia
2 million in North Korea
1.7 million in Africa
1.5 million in Afghanistan
1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe
1 million in Vietnam
150,000 in Latin America (mainly Cuba)
10,000 deaths "resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power."

Courtois claims that Communist regimes are responsible for a greater number of deaths than any other political ideal or movement, including Nazism. The statistics of victims includes executions, famine, deaths resulting from deportations, physical confinement, or through forced labor.

Larochera Day 1,887, 12:08

"believes in open democracy." I saw your "democracy" with reporting me because of the profile thing ...where was my freedom of speech?!

wschwabe Day 1,887, 18:17

@ Eheslo than they have fulfilled the same number of kills like the christian church

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