The alternative ways of making money

Day 1,531, 03:15 Published in Sweden USA by Toothpaste
Little about me as an reference: 4 months ago I had 100 gold, 1 Q3 Weapon factory, 2 Q1 food factories and 5 low level farms/mines. Today I have this...

This guide is made for two reason: its more fun to play this game when you know that there actually is a an economical module – and that module is created by us players. The other reason for this guide is that I want you to make money. That way you will stay alive in this game, make a difference, help you country and learn a thing or two which you will have use of outside this game.

Hope you find this guide interesting and meaningful. Enjoy. And thanks for voting and re-shouting.

Guide by Toothpaste

1. Trade goods (doing it Hansa style)

This is my favorite way of making money. I explain by example:

Example a) Two months ago, one of the countries had a real unbalance on the raw material market. They sold war raw materials (wrm) for 0.33 cc and raw materials for food (frm) for 0.26 cc. What I did was to buy an export license to that country so I could sell good to them. It cost 20g, pretty expensive - but it lasts for ever.

Afterward I started to buy raw materials from my country for 0.33 cc and exporting it for the same price. Unfortunately, I had to pay 0.01 cc in tax for every unit of goods I exported. But it didn't matter. The point wasn't to earn any money, I just wanted to exchanged money so I could use them to buy the cheaper raw materials: the food raw materials that only cost 0.26 cc.

With the exchanged money I bought the raw materials for 0.26 cc and started to sell it off on my home market. For every unit I sold, I earned 0.06 cc. On paper, that's an income of 720 cc per day if you sell it to Plato (admin). But in reality, since I was trading huge quantities, real persons that needed huge amount of raw materials bought my goods by choice and that way I made 2500 cc every 2-3 hours. Huge profit.

If you have a couple of export licenses, you do probably understand that there is really no limit on how much money you can make this way in the long term.

Example If you don't have lot of gold to buy an export license, you don't have to. Trading between countries works with only one export license (your main country) - but its very limited. All you have to do is to find a country that have high gold price and cheap goods. When you find a suitable country, sell your gold to get their money. Move to that country (no need to change citizenship) and buy their raw materials (or other goods) and then sell it back to your countries market. With this system, its possible to make 700 cc to 1500 cc per day, depending on the situation on the markets.

If you have export licenses, you can export goods to several countries which gives you an even higher profit per day.

2. Trade money (doing it like on Wallstreet)

This is for the most part a long term solution to earn cash. But its 100% safe.

Example: when the gold price is high in a country, for example like 1300 cc per 1 gold, its an opportunity to sell every gold you have. At some point, the gold price will lower it self to 1100 cc per 1 gold, which leads to an opportunity to buy up gold once again. This unbalance on the monetary market happens all the time in all countries and fair to say that you will earn around 2g per every 10g you invest in this trading business. But like I said, it might a long term solution - sometimes it takes a while until the unbalance on the monetary market is created. Sometimes it takes 2 days, sometimes 2 weeks.

From my experience at the end of the congressional term, very few of the congressmen have a possibility to grant citizenship to fellow allies. This leads to other people not selling their gold on foreign markets. They often wait until the congress elections. This means that the price on gold usually goes up.

After the congressional elections, around 10 to 15 days, the gold price damps to all time low. In Sweden its usually around 1050 to 1100 sek.

Every 2nd month, admin launches a bonus program where you are able to upgrade your factories for half the price. When that happens, the gold price usually goes up again over the night. This situation is a situation that should absolutely be exploited.

Admin also have a bonus program where you get 30% more gold if you buy it for real money. This bonus program will somewhat simulate the monetary market as well.

If you start trading money, you will learn most of the countries monetary market and will know when to buy and when to sell when and where. And how much money you make is really up to how much gold you will put aside for this.

3. Build relations

Economy is not only about debit & credit. Its about relations too. If you have bad manners, you wont find an investor or an opportunity. Its extremely important to build relations with other player, especially outside your own country.

For example, sometimes another country sell weapons and food so cheap that you will be able to make a 40% profit by just trading the goods between players. Sometimes friends will tip you of about what their government is about to on the monetary market that you can use to your advantage. Sometimes you just might get a deal of your life, for example when a foreign countries government wants to buy 10000 units of weapons for a war... and sometimes you just need a huge loan.