The Alliance America Needs?

Day 557, 17:13 Published in USA USA by Gaius Julius
"Beware of sentimental alliances where the consciousness of good deeds is the only compensation for noble sacrifices."
Otto von Bismarck

A week ago our President (Mr. Scrabshadyman) posted an article titled No Quick Alliances. I personally applauded this article, it was short and simple and explained that if the eUS was going to enter into a new alliance we would need to think out the decision and insure it was the best choice. This go me thinking what is the best Alliance for the eUS, what kind of format, qualities and policies would this alliance have to encompass to be a good match for the eUS and the world. I broke down the alliances that works for the eUS and adapts to changing global climates into three simple categories, Economic, foresight and cooperation.

A Free World of Free trade?
Any new alliance would have to basic economic principles of free trade at its roots for the eUS to ever truly reap any benefits. Why is this? Well one major flaw in the eUS economy is over-production. Essentially we make too much of certain products, this is especially true in the Q1 markets of Wood and Grain. On the other hand the eUS sucks as producing Iron due to our lack of a high iron region. A alliance that could work to break down trade barriers would do wonders for the eUS. Lower imports in our allies would allow the eUS to shift its mass of surplus goods to these starved markets. This is a win win situation, our allies get cheaper products making it easier for them to build their economy. The eUS benefits because it receives a release valve for its surplus of goods, the sale of which would bring new wealth to our country. But you may still be asking why is this such an important part of an alliance? Well stronger economies=wealthier countries, this means more money to spend on weapons, mvoing tickets and wellness packs. However cheaper products also helps every country in the alliance. For example the eUS always needs more iron during war time, with lower trade barriers we could bring in foreign iron much cheaper, this would mean cheaper weapons thus allowing people to purchase more or purchase a higher quality. To sum it all up an alliance with free trade means an alliance with better economic potential and therefore greater military potential.

Looking out for the Future?
As the saying goes hindsight is 20/20. That said one thing I think Atlantis always lacked was hindsight. Most of the citizens or even congress members never knew what the ultimate goal of anything was. Now granted security was important and ATLANTIS officials couldn't go around spelling out our plans. But often our attacks and plans seemed like whim of the moment advances, in the end they ended up falling apart because we had no stated long term planning, we simply invaded and went with the flow of things. This is no better exhibited then the Alliance approach to smaller nations and why the new alliances key area of focus has to be helping the little guys of the eRepublik world. Yes that's right I'm talking about the Philippines and China's of the erepublik world. Too often they are seen as chess pieces on the board of the bigger countries wars. What we fail to forget is that not to long ago a little nation named Hungary was one of these oppressed sparsely-populated nations. Then it had a massive population boom and became a world power. Any alliance that is created has to realize that the country we manipulate or PTO today could be the Hungary of tomorrow.

A working bureaucracy?
No one likes bureaucracy, most people consider it to be inefficient and time-consuming, essentially most bureaucracy in the eWorld gets in the way and is made up of stupid rules. However any lasting alliance has to be able to differentiate between a system that flows and works and one that has too many restrictions. Why is this so crucial to a alliance with the eUS as its member. Well lets take the example of the Alliance fines, this was by far the closest the eUS ever came to leaving ATLANTIS. The whole situation was a nightmare created by un-flexible procedures. However this is not the only area in which a new alliance must learn from past mistakes. A number of nations , but especially the eUS, fall victim to uninformed citizen syndrome. Too often in the eUS citizens do not know what is going on, they ask simple questions like why are the Irish attacking Rhode Island? Or what is PEACE? These kind of problems have to addressed by a new alliance. We need a clearly defined structure for disseminating adaquete information and news to the average joe. PEACE has clearly shown that an informed populace equals a powerful populace, and a new alliance must follow suit.

So now what will happen? Well this is the hard part, we in the eUS must wait, its a tough thing to do. But a new alliance will not simply appear out of thin air. It will take time and consideration by our leaders and our top minds to really get this figured out. However creating this new alliance is a two way street, just as it is the responsibility of our leaders to help build this new alliance, you have responsibilities as well. To sum things up here is what everyone can do.
1.) Citizens stay informed know whats going on in the international world and how it might effect you.
2.) Citizens hold your leaders accountable for delivering solid information and ideas to you.
3.) The Government needs to be actively pursuing a solution to this alliance issue and keep citizens appraised.
Thats about it, I hope this article helped you understand the position the eUS is in and needs to move towards. Please read and comment.

-Gaius Julius
Federalist Party President
Congressmen (Tennessee)
Constitutional Convention Chairman
LT eUS army 1st Division 5th Platoon