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The Airborne Punches Above its Weight

Day 1,814, 20:15 Published in USA USA by seeker1

We have several rankings of Military Units both in-game and outside the game (eGov4you). Each of them ranks MUs according to total kills made or total influence dealt.

This ignores the fact that units differ widely in size. Some have 100 or more members; others have just a few dozen. The in-game kill statistics show the Airborne at 19th for total kills in a day. Egov4you ranks the Airborne 13th for total influence exerted in a day.

Membership in the Airborne varies somewhat, but is usually somewhere in the mid-40s. For the day I examined, The Airborne had 42 members. To get an idea if the Airborne would have a better rank if ranked according to the influence dealt on average (per member), I used statistics presented in egov4you from last Monday, November 5.

Egov presents total damage by the day, week and past 30 days. I used numbers from the past 30 days, divided total influence by the number of Airborne members, The result showed that The Airborne ranks ninth among eUS fighting organizations. (Calculations here.)

Since the Airborne has somewhat lower recruitment standards than some other elite units, Airborne members merit congratulations for ranking ninth among US fighting units.

Airborne minimum requirements are Division 3 or 4

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Not strong enough for the Airborne yet or have no experience with a military group?
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kitmen Day 1,815, 08:10

Airborne is pretty sexy, RL and eRep.

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,815, 11:41


Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,815, 14:00

AB may be sexy, but MI has pie 😛

darksrevan Day 1,816, 03:35


Nfin Day 1,816, 08:44


Michael ManyTrees
Michael ManyTrees Day 1,816, 12:23

MI might have pie, but AB has BBQ!

BMai Day 1,820, 00:11

AB express air mails their BBQ >.>

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