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The Adventures of Henry Hoover

Day 1,907, 15:52 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by mwcerberus
I’d like to introduce to you a friend of mine he’s a vigorously handsome, insatiably witty and downright decent chap.

Henry Hoover

And while I’m at it I’ll introduce his very sexy girlfriend.

Henrietta (Hetty) Hoover

Oh and his slightly dim witted brother.

Lugi Hoover

One day Henry decided to take his special brother out to the shops to buy some libations.

After Henry had stocked up with lots of alcohol he went home he had to drag Lugi by the hose as he didn’t want to leave the booze haven of bargain booze.

When he arrived home he was dismayed not to find his dinner on the table, after safely storing Lugi in a cupboard Henry went upstairs to find Hetty. His dinner was not there and someone was getting punished.

When he got upstairs he was dismayed not to find Hetty strapped to the bed but a note there instead. Had she left him oh no, so he rushed over to read the note.

The note read ‘I Have Hetty Hoover she will suck and I will blow muhahahaha, yours Blowser the Leaf Blower’.

Oh no Blowser has Hetty and by the sounds of it he’s doing unspeakable things to her.

Henry knew what he must do leaving Lugi in the cupboard he went to see his friend and mentor Phil the Fridge.

Phil said ‘Dude you need to get strong you need power up you need a montage’.





Suitably psyched up Henry headed to Blowser’s castle.

Henry stormed the castle sucking anything that got in his way until he reached the central chamber and stood face to face with Blowser.
Henry: Give me back my woman.
Blowser: NEVER.
Henry: Suck attack.
Blowser: Blow attack.
Henry sucked and sucked and Blowser blew and blew. Eventually Blowser got tired and the fight was won Blowser was sucked across the room and went deep into Henry, deeper and deeper Blowser was sucked until he was no more. Just another poor soul sucked into Henry’s bag.

Henry searched the castle high and low and eventually found his sweetheart.

He returned home with Hetty and Henry inserted his nozzle into Hetty.

And all was well with the world, except for Lugi he died of starvation.

Thanks for reading guys now push the red button.

Push it (with your finger).
Yours MWC.


Madacaion Day 1,907, 15:56

Actually made my day better.



Amokkel Day 1,907, 16:33

: )

alexg737 Day 1,908, 00:18


CptChazbeard. Day 1,908, 03:15

I always look forward to you updates on what's going on in real life 😃 Made me laugh on a Saturday morning which is hard to pull off! but I hurt my face jumping at the screen after seeing the Bargain Booze shop.

GameChanger Day 1,908, 07:56

I'm not sure what insane demon possess you Chaz, but he's hella funny

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,908, 08:31

Henry is much like erep, he both sucks and blows!

Horice o/

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,908, 10:18

Great article 😁

jizman Day 1,908, 10:48

S & V

HAMlDREZA Day 1,908, 10:53

Poor Lugi... what a bad death... : (
Nice story : D

I won't push that button! You plan to exploid us and rub our golds! : D

Damien P Fleming
Damien P Fleming Day 1,908, 12:07

I have a Henry at home.. bloody durable little things, was hoovering the top of the stairs the other day and he decided to take a trip down them.. and guess what? Yes he did get back up and continued to suck my dirt.

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