The 16th Congressional Voting record

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Have you been curious to see how your favorite congresscritter is voting the past month? I know I have. And so thanks to the work of Claire Littleton, the Deputy Speaker of the House, also known as my personal assistant, I present to you the:

16th Congressional Voting Record

If your congressman has not entered their vote, odds are it is because they are inactive on the forums and are not recording their votes. This is a bad sign, as all the major decisions congress makes are done on the forums. A good portion of the Independent Council for Congressional Candidates Review choices are based on forum activity.

Some news from the hill

1. The first ever eUS budget has passed. You can find it all right here. Some of the line items are a little vague for a reason. We'd like to keep some spending options open to programs that may come up. As we speak work on the new budget has already started. Congressional action at it's finest!

2. Meals on Wheels, a congressional sponsored program, is seeing a boom in new citizens requesting food. Congress will be giving them a slightly larger budget, but some are asking how effective the program is to those new citizens. Some new citizens are coming to the aide of MoW, but congress is interested in numbers. One can only hope that MoW is able to provide numbers the congress likes.

3. It's Party President Election day! Go vote for your Party's next president. This seems to be an interesting one, as only 2 incumbent PPs are on the ballot in the eUS's top 7 parties. One of those incumbents is losing, and the other is running away with the election. We could have a brand new political landscape come Country President time.

4. And some solemn news. A time to remember our fallen congressmen.
Richard Brophy
Navy II
Josh Frost

Illig INC

Ok so most of these aren't so sad. Basaar, Rhane, and Josh Frost were all fairly inactive in congress's discussions. ghvadyk was a thorn in many in congress's sides and he refused to join in congressional discussions off of the eRepublik site in our forums. He would also resort to personal attacks against some of eMerica's greatest citizens. Mexidus was perma-banned for multi accounting even before the election ended. Unfortunately he still won a seat, but he was unable to do anything, sorry Rhode Island. Navy II was the QMG and an all around very active citizen. He added great things to congress. Then he got mad one day and decided to take all the QMG organizations with the nationalized weapon companies and sell them for cheap. Luckily Leroy Combs, QN20, and the combination of John Jay, Jewitt and Kyle321n were able to find the companies and buy them back. They are now back in the government's hand where they are safe.

Richard Brophy is probably the saddest member to leave. He was in his second term as a congressmen and was bound and determined to prove the first Independent Council for Congressional Candidates Review wrong by being extremely active. And he did. He was a model congressman. Richard is missed in congress, and we hope he will one day return.

Illig was not quite as active as Richard, and many might have even forgotten him, but he was the 5 term Congressman from Nebraska. The Cornhuskers lost a good congressmen when he was permbanned for a false accusation of multiaccounting. Even if his name is cleared, he has stated his intentions to stay out of politics and possibly even the game after this event. Another sad loss.

What should I do after this?
1. Vote this up, check out your congressperson's voting record and let them know how you feel about it.
2. Go out and vote in the Party President's election. One vote can make a difference. If you are unsure who to vote for check your party's forum, or the candidate's newspaper. Most of the legitimate candidates wrote an article about their run.
3. Subscribe to this newspaper for future congressional updates.

Thank you for reading!
~Kyle321n, Speaker of the House
~and the rest of the eUS congress