Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Day 5,073, 19:43 Published in Canada Canada by Mann551

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Canada.

Let's all post some things that we are thankful for.

I am thankful for the Hot Air Program and its continued success in eCanada.
I am thankful that eCanada is politically and economically stable and secure.
I am thankful for my real life family!

What are you thankful for? List three things in a comment down below and receive 25 Q7 weapons and 500 cc. It can be anything from real life or erepublik. If from real life, it can be as personal as you'd like, but remember that we are all truly strangers here, and there is no guarantee that some here are not malicious, so keep personal details out.

For example, you can say you are thankful for your job, but don't say you are thankful for your job at the Dairyland Milking Plant in Trois Rivieres, Quebec working the 8:30-3 shift on the production line beside your best work friend Tom.

You can say you are thankful for your family, but don't say you are thankful for your wife, Gloria (45F) and your three children Timothy (17M), Alyssa (13F) and Rory (8M) who live at 123 Main Street in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Be grateful, enjoy turkey (or ham), and enjoy life!