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Thank You Members of HOPE

Day 1,853, 09:31 Published in Belgium Egypt by A Vegan
Thanks for Your trust!

Thanks for voting YES, yes to a great party!
We are on the right track!

On a side note I would like to explain why I gave CS to Vincent Pain.
Vincent Pain is a RL Belgian who has lived most of his eLive in eBe.
Sadly because of discontent of a few and a continuing slander campaign of even fewer he would have never gotten his CS through the (on)official way (=forum).
While I do not agree with each thing he has done he deserves eBe citizenship just as much as other long time eBe citizens.
While I do not mind long citizenship procedures to keep out PTOers, I do hate short sighted and narrow minded procedures to enforce the will of a few and continue mindless hate campaigns against some individuals who clearly are eBe in hart..


A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,853, 10:15

Btw I mean UnOfficial 😉

Jensieee Day 1,853, 13:15

you could change it 😛
and YES to eBelgium!!!

Kaad Day 1,853, 14:18

Congratulation for your victory against PTOs 😉

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,854, 04:32

Thank you Comrad, you are a true Leader!


MCKitkat Day 1,854, 09:27

I HOPE you didn't forget that all the other party presidents send some people to help you gain the victory. Please respect that....

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,854, 12:44

Well AVegan is always a threat to eBE. He is no better than Pain himself. Him and his PTO friends constantly work against the peoples of eBE from encouraging Belgians to move out of the country to accepting known PTOers into the country. It does not matter if Pain is a RL Belgian or not, but it is known he is a PTOer and does not play by the rules of eBE community like yourself. You are fooling no one and you and Pain do not deserve eBE citizenship.

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,854, 12:52

MCKitkat nobody told me they helped. Only after the elections you have said this. No way to check.
I also did not ask help..

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 1,855, 09:24


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