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Thank Chocolate McSkittles too, and thank you!

Day 701, 23:22 Published in USA USA by ligtreb

Ever since President Gaius Julius published his latest article, I've received tons of messages thanking me for my involvement in the weapons distribution during the epic Manitoba battle victory.

I worry that since I've been around longer, I'm getting too much credit for this and not enough is going to <a href=>Chocolate McSkittles</a>. He distributed more weapons than I did and used his own funds for a while until the government gave us another round of funds.

I may have run the <a href=>Welcoming Committee</a> on my own for over 4 months, but the WC wouldn't exist in its current form today without Choc. It was his idea to add the gift company and the moving ticket company which he named after me. I was starting to get burned out believe it or not, and Choc helping out has definitely pushed some of the load off of me. Don't get me wrong, I'm still heavily involved and definitely did my share of clicking while handing out weapons. I'm just saying, thank Chocolate McSkittles as well.

The support we've received from all of you, whether it be from the weapons today, at the Welcoming Committee, or in my party PTO efforts has really made me appreciate what an amazing country this is. We've changed for the good since the start of the war. We're working together, for one cause.

We won Manitoba, and couldn't have done it with the efforts of each and every one of you.
We will win Alaska, Nunavut, Saskatchewan and Washington eventually, and it will be because of the efforts of each and every one of you.

We're in this together. Today was a great day, let's work to have more of these.




EvanTheAwesome Day 701, 23:28

You guys both did a fantastic job, as far as I'm concerned no amount of thanks yous is enough 😉

Aaron S
Aaron S Day 701, 23:28

Thank you ligtreb and Choc McSkittles!

Michael Porter
Michael Porter Day 701, 23:31

THx to both you guys. We would not have won it without either of you guys

Dr. Duncan Steel
Dr. Duncan Steel Day 701, 23:57


I subscribed and voted. I don't know if you like that, but I did anyways.

erauntsi Day 702, 00:32

that's easy done..! ;O)

Igoretas Day 702, 00:58

Thank you man, and congrats from Spain.

Nero Preto
Nero Preto Day 702, 01:44


Chop_Lobster Day 702, 01:46

Big hand to Choc and ligtreb!

RIddle16 Day 702, 03:17

My thanks goes to everyone who had gone on to support this endeavor especially the guys behind the weapons distribution. Ligtreb you had done a lot for the eUS behind the curtains especially you mentoring us when we needed it for that I give you an extra THANK YOU.

ElNuberu Day 702, 03:24

thanks, and good job! 😃

Barroom Hero
Barroom Hero Day 702, 05:21

Dope job by both you guys.

Thank you choc and lig

USA Welcoming Committee
USA Welcoming Committee Day 702, 05:40

"Today was a great day, let's work to have more of these."

True that.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 702, 06:18

Thanks. You rock.

Eugene Harlot
Eugene Harlot Day 702, 06:31

Choc and ligtreb deserve a medal. Get it on Congress.


Tomas Valherus
Tomas Valherus Day 702, 10:40

Both ligtreb and Choc did a magnificent job from what I can see. They deserve all of the kudos they can get for their efforts. I might be only one person, but if my vote counts for anything then I second the thoughts of Eugene Harlot, give them a medal Congress!

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