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Thailand thanks Serbia your help

Day 567, 15:14 Published in Serbia Thailand by tujul

Dear friends,

Thailand had been TOed by a bunch of criminals called emafia almost a month ago. We were desperated, our treasury started to wander to their pockets and we had no hope. Before the presidential elections we chose a candidate who had to fight with the bastards.
But this wasn't enough, we didn't have enough citizens to defeat them.

And then the great Serbians arrived whit their shiny blades and executed the emafia. Our candidate, Albert Neurath won the elections and emafia is leaving the country now.

The citizens of Thailand can't phrase how much they thanks this to You. You've officially become our eternal friends.
We really appreciate that you were there to help us.

Thank you,
Vice President of Thailand.



Ana Kockica
Ana Kockica Day 567, 15:17

pertamax! ^^

Eastmar Day 567, 15:17

friends when its important!

Ana Kockica
Ana Kockica Day 567, 15:17

btw it was our pleasure 🙂

Crnogorac Day 567, 15:18


Dusan Vidic
Dusan Vidic Day 567, 15:18

i didnt know that.

NANDORbre Day 567, 15:21

that is what friends are for! i hope our friendship will last a long time!
eSerbia is going through tough times now, and we hope we can count on your support!

Dzudzabajac Day 567, 15:21

Thank you Thailand, it's great to have more friends! If you need us again just send a message 😉 😃

Srbin.bre Day 567, 15:25

Учествовао у мисији... Tnx, and Voted... : )

sima kosmos
sima kosmos Day 567, 15:29

your welcome!
been there, i didn't want to go home -
almost committed suicide because of nice girls.
i am fine now 😛

Perpidikula Day 567, 15:31

Long live Thailand!
Long live Serbia!
Together for PEACE in the world

Milan Paunovic
Milan Paunovic Day 567, 15:33

Voted - this is how serbians are. We want to help people in need and we are noble in real life. Support Serbia!!!
Kosovo Is Serbia for eternity!!!

Vincent Garibaldi
Vincent Garibaldi Day 567, 15:34

Yeah, Serbia is full of win.

Svileni Day 567, 15:35


4S ORG Day 567, 15:43


Aleksandar Petrovic
Aleksandar Petrovic Day 567, 15:55

Vote 😉
Anytime friends,hope u'll be there to help us in time of need too 🙂

Long Live Peace!

Dusan Sorgic
Dusan Sorgic Day 567, 16:22

anytime , anywhere

Straede Day 568, 03:29

I participated in antiTO action as a VeS(eSerbian army) member and I am glad we helped you win...Go Thailand ,Go Serbia,Go PEACE!!!

Stevo Delija
Stevo Delija Day 568, 04:18

Nista i drugi put:)

ZolaNS Day 568, 04:38


Petar Pamuchar
Petar Pamuchar Day 568, 06:14

Glad we could help.... 😃

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