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Day 1,959, 06:41 Published in Netherlands Albania by Rilindasi

Hi everyone, today is April Fools' Day . I collected some things you can not believe on:

Messi is leaving Barcelona.
Ronaldo didnt use hair gels.
Pepe showing respect to messi.
Torres didnt miss the open net.
Chelsea have the same manager for more than 1 season.
Giggs is retiring.
Man utd didnt cheat and win.
England won the world cup.
Robben has the top pass accuracy in europe's top 5
Ronaldinho was spotted not smiling. >Man utd sacked Alex Ferguson.
John Terry is Sleeping alone.
Liverpool won the league.

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Ivan Blok37
Ivan Blok37 Day 1,959, 06:46

Belgrade and Priština reached an agreement. : P

depici Day 1,959, 06:54

Galatasaray eliminated Real Madrid in last 8, Champions League.

AlbRepublik Day 1,959, 06:56

Comment deleted

AlbRepublik Day 1,959, 07:01

Kosovo is Serbia - Telling lies looks good right?

rustamsudul Day 1,960, 06:19

Kosovo is a part Serbia, make a better joke.

Sle7en Day 1,959, 07:20

Sali Berisha gives his resignation 😛

DonCurtis Day 1,959, 07:36

Some eRepublik ones:

1. Plato tells the truth.
2. eRep staff replies to your tickets.
3. ePoland invades eChina
4. Switzerland wins the Gold Mine
5. A player gets more than 2 gold from the gold mine

Gepard007 Day 1,959, 09:25

This one is epic haha:

They did economy upgrade in eRepublik finally 😃

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