Tef1 loves eSwitzerland.

Day 4,619, 17:35 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

Yes, it is true. I do love eSwiss. More so than all others combined actually. So, you are better off not to be distracted by the propaganda machine who is trying to hold to power. We need a leader who is not about the power but the responsibility that comes up with it. That leader is Tef1. Although I shall cease from participating in the Congress for a while now. That said, I shall not be silence now and forevermore. The establishment failed and we have a vacuum and it is only Tef1 that can and will fix such a vacuum of leadership. That is why he is announcing a bid for a second term. His first was a success as will his next. We must be united and strong together. And all that we will be if we choose the best possible CP in the next term - Tef1.