Team President Deepchill

Day 2,569, 14:56 Published in USA USA by Deepchill

Greetings, eUSA.

This campaign is finally heating up. I never would have wanted to run against Rainy Sunday, because she is a legendary Citizen in eUSA. But I have already put all my eggs into the December basket, so all I have to say to Rainy Sunday is, “May the Hottest Avatar Win!”

Today I want to announce the team of diverse leaders who will be assisting me in the task of administration for the month of December. But before I introduce you to your prospective Government for the coming term, I want to address two very legitimate questions that have been raised about my campaign. Both of them can be answered quickly.

It has been noted by several prominent Citizens that my media presence has been pretty lame lately. This would and should be a legitimate concern, as our country deserves a President who is fully engaged in the process of not only clicking the buttons, but also interacting with you, the populace.

fwiw🙁Nobody is asking Rainy Sunday why she hasn’t published an article in 200 days, but I’ll answer the question anyway.) So what’s up with my quietude?

When I announced to my closest advisors back in early November that I had reached the decision to attempt a December 5th Presidency, I also told them that the two weeks around Thanksgiving were going to be terrible for me in terms of availability and activity. Quite honestly, I wanted to run on November 5th too, but there was no way I could do a good job of CP knowing that I would be barely available during the final two weeks of November. My advisors encouraged me that they would help out in any way possible during a Dec. 5 run, and they have done just that. But I myself have been attending to some RL things that, once done, will free me up for a very active December. So please forgive my slim presence during what is normally a very brisk time of activity – campaign season.

And that leads to the second question, one which really just came up last night. There is a grass roots campaign to raise up Rainy Sunday as a candidate for CP – so that this will be a genuine race instead of just a “mailed in” month. And while, to my knowledge, we have not actually heard from the great Rainy Sunday herself yet, I want to respond to this grass roots effort.

Bring it on.

While I regret that my current RL activity prevents me from fully engaging her directly until I return to full-time-gaming on Dec. 3-4, I would not shy away from anything that would make this game more interesting for us all. And so while I think that Rainy Sunday is a very daunting competitor, I play this game because the more fun it is, the better it is.

So I respect those who have begun this grass roots effort and I hope that my supporters will be able to answer it with equal vigor.


Now on to what I hope will be your Cabinet for December under a Deepchill Presidency.

We hear every month about how this or that candidate wants to get new people involved. And yes, you are hearing it from me as well. I think I have done a better job of this than any Cabinet I have seen in a long time. My goals were to, as much as possible, introduce new people into the “circle of influence” that is our Cabinet and to have that circle contain players from the entire spectrum of social structures – MU’s, Party’s, fighting divisions…

Diversity and Freshness while not sacrificing needed Experience where it matters most. That is my goal.

You may decide for yourself if I’ve succeeded.

Remember, you are voting for this list of Citizens more than you are voting for me. They will be doing far more work, collectively, than I will be doing myself.

Position~~~~~Name~~~~~Party~~~~~Military Unit

Chief of Staff~~~~~~~~~~Molly Emma~~~~Feds~~~~~SHIELD
NSC Co-Chaiman~~~~~~Wild Owl~~~~~~USWP~~~~~UM

NSC Dep~~~~~The Norm~~~~~~~~Socialist~~~~EZC
NSC Dep~~~~~HenryFrench~~~~~~BS~~~~~~~~VMA-214
NSC Dep~~~~~Animis~~~~~~~~~~USWP~~~~~ST6
NSC Dep~~~~~Crimsonninja~~~~~AMP~~~~~~~eUS Mil
NSC Dep~~~~~TheMike~~~~~~~~WTP~~~~~~~USAF
NSC Dep~~~~~dmjohnston~~~~~~WTP~~~~~~~USAF
Joint Strike Coordinator~~~~~TBD

Secretary of State~~~~Kevin Sheridan~~~~Feds~~~~~SHIELD
Sec State Dep~~~~~~~SColbert~~~~~~~~~USWP~~~~~Horny N
Sec State Dep~~~~~~~Blande~~~~~~~~~~WTP~~~~~USAF
Sec State Dep~~~~~~~Tyler Bubblar~~~~~~Feds~~~~~SHIELD
Sec State Dep~~~~~~~Dave Gulya~~~~~~~Feds~~~~~SHIELD

Secretary of Defense~~~~~John NWP~~~~~USWP~~~~~USAF
Sec Def Dep~~~~~~~~~~~A^2~~~~~~~~~~~AMP~~~~~~USAF
Sec Def Dep~~~~~George S. Patton JR~~~~~AMP~~~~~EZC

Secretary of Media~~~~~Gnilraps~~~~~~~USWP~~~~~EZC
Sec Dep Media~~~~~~~~Franklin Stone~~~WTP~~~~~~EZC
Sec Dep Media~~~~~~~~PilotPhil~~~~~~~Socialist~~~~Bear Cav
War Analyst~~~~~~~~~~A^2~~~~~~~~~~~AMP~~~~~~USAF
Pony Express~~~~~~~~~Custer~~~~~~~~~OldF~~~~~~eUSMil

Secretary of Interior~~~~~ErrOrka~~~~~~~~~USWP~~~~~USAF
Sec of Interior Dep~~~~~~Mr Swagg~~~~~~~~AMP~~~~~USAF
Sec of Interior Dep~~~~~~Kodos~~~~~~~~~~~BS~~~~~USAF
Sec of Interior Dep~~~~~~Axl Finley~~~~~~~~None~~~~~USAF
Sec of Interior Dep~~~~~~George Griffin~~~~~WTP~~~~~USAF

Secretary of Education~~~~MrCarey~~~~~~~~~WTP~~~~~USAF
Sec of Education Dep.~~~~~Ace Viper~~~~~~~~Feds~~~~~SHIELD
Sec of Education Dep.~~~~~David MacDaniel~~~WTP~~~~~USAF

Secretary of Treasury~~~~~~what4~~~~~~~~~BS~~~~~~~~EZC

Secretary of Technology~~~~~Mike Ontry~~~~~WTP~~~~~Pickle

Homeland Security~~~~~~Malarkey83~~~~~USWP~~~~~EZC
Homeland Sec Dep~~~~~~Paul Proteus~~~~~Feds~~~~~SHIELD
Homeland Sec Dep~~~~~Aramec~~~~~~~~~AMP~~~~~Bro

Advisor~~~~~Alexander Valkor II~~~~~~~AMP~~~~~Marines
Advisor~~~~~Viky KC~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Feds~~~~~USAF

I am confident that you are seeing a lot of names you have never seen before. I also believe that this will be the most politically diverse leadership team ever to grace the halls of our government.

Please consider this team as you prepare your vote on December 5th. I hope you will vote for the Deepchill ticket! I am looking forward to the fun.