tCP Party President

Day 4,344, 08:01 Published in USA USA by Animis

To my fellow tCP members (Zombies!):

I am tossing my name in for one single reason. I am satisfied with our current and past party leadership. I am thinking many of us are coasting along at the same rate and are comfortable with each other enough to wake up and press the vote button once a month to keep us relevant in congress. I thank everyone for this. We don't argue, steal or even have money. Not sure why certain parties even have treasuries much less how they repeatedly get stolen or some other such nonsense.

The one thing I can do and do it every month although you will only have to trust me once a month, this coming month, is to organize and post the congress election lineup. I know that I can easily do this because in the two or three times that I recall it going undone, I watched it happen. This tells me that my time matches when this job needs to done, so I am confident that I can do it, in terms of timing.

It is up to you to decide if I have to skills to represent you as your party president. I can guarantee that the task above is about all that I am going to do. I have a lot on my plate. I am like many players, I log in, work, train, fight and log off. Sometimes I buy & sell stuff. My game time has been greatly reduced by work.... surprise, surprise.

I have a question for the party and I promise not to push it unless many of you like it; Any thoughts on going back to USWP?

Just an idea. I never knew why we were changing. It just seemed like fun. Just some thoughts.

So to summarize: I'm only going to do the election but I guarantee to do it.