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TC Pride.

Day 2,059, 00:09 Published in USA Serbia by Snorunt30

If there was anything that TC was to display the most it’d be our great sense in pride for the entity called the eUS Military. Where the pride of the eUSTC is displayed by the service to other Americans and the sense of service to the eUSA by fighting the enemy.

First division to fourth, TC serves the nation and fights to our best ability by training our troops to be the best of the best. With ample supplies and strong sense of preservation for the eUS, TC will serve where it can in the gravest of times.

Trainee or officer, the eUSTC serves with great pride for our roots, but also serve with even more pride for our branch..
Whether you’re a new player, returning player, or long term player you should join eUSTC today and learn more and help serve the nation in the oldest training branch of the eUS.


Snorunt30 Day 2,059, 00:12


Piggy Boot Day 2,059, 10:38

Comment deleted

Piggy Boot
Piggy Boot Day 2,059, 10:39


Ruthain Day 2,060, 00:41


DMV3 Day 2,060, 09:59


BTTrambly Day 2,060, 14:50

An ironclad warship? Really?

K9Fun661 Day 2,125, 02:10

Sub, but it won't let me vote. Maybe I did in blackout mode and don't remember?

William Glover
William Glover Day 2,153, 23:03


Michael ManyTrees
Michael ManyTrees Day 2,176, 17:50


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