Tanks for Tots:

Day 1,845, 02:32 Published in USA USA by Jimmy Cincinnati
Tanks for Tots

Life is tough for most eAmericans unless, you have landed yourself in the right clique. They don't want foreigners, multis and traitors ripping off thier money. The new guys tend to get the cold shoulder untill they are determined to be the real-deal, or at least easily controled.
Overcoming the issue will be one of the biggest challenges in eWorld History.

I'm no astrophysicist, but I've been working on ideas to help eAmericans.
In an attempt to cut my way through the beurocratic tape, I present; Tanks for Tots:

Some conditions apply;

#1 You must have eUS citizenship

#2 You must be level 24 and under.

#3 Your highest total damage, in a campain, must be for the eU.S.

Vote for the article. Then, say the number of the vote in the comment boxes below. If you qualify, the tanks will show up shorty.
It's friendly, it's safe, it's discrete and it's good while supplies last. Limit, 3 q7 tanks per applicant.