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Tales from Belgium - Dual ministerial interview

Day 1,847, 09:09 Published in United Kingdom Switzerland by Dan/naD Wilshire

Interview with the Belgian MoFA and MoD


The Introduction

Following on from yesterdays article I bring you my latest interview with the dual minister MCKitkat who has the luxury of running both the Defence and Foreign Affairs departments for Belgium.

Question time

Dan: How did you come to find erepublik?

MCKitkat: I was searching for a new browser game and randomly found it.

Dan: What is your favourite aspect of eRepublik?

MCKitkat: The political, because all the other aspects are pretty screwed up.

Dan: You seem to be a very prominent member of the Belgian community since you are MoFA and MoD. How come you have been given both jobs?

MCKitkat: I already had a lot of experience as MoFA because I have three terms behind me so BrunoCND asked me if I wanted to retake the role, but MoFA is quite hard and I wanted to try something new so I asked for MoD. BrunoCND asked me then if I wanted to take the MoFA role because there was no appropriate candidate, so I accepted. Also, people trust me I have spent a lot of time in the chat and on the forums, I made myself some friends with the right people. I had worked very hard as ambassador to eGermany, which was also an asset

Dan: Can you tell us a bit about the different presidents that you have served under? Some good and bad bits about them as well?

MCKitkat: My first term as MoFA was under Nohjis, I had asked to get a job in his cabinet, looking for vMoFA. Soon after the elections, he asked me if I was able to take the MoFA role as the expected candidates couldn't take the job. I accepted and was thrown literally in the cold water. Nohjis asked BrunoCND and Konrad to help me as advisors and besides thewhole trolling of some people, Nohjis and the cabinet did a great job.

My second term was under NLSP, together with Lily Jayne Summers as MoFA. My activity heavily decreased in this term, partially because I was occupied with other things and I hadn't expected that this school year would be so hard, so I couldn't do much.

My third term was under Lily Jayne Summers presidency. After the first week I had to ask for a break, I had some very important test and barely time for the job, but as nearly the whole government was falling into inactivity I suggested to help again and retook my work as MoFA.

Now I'm under BrunoCND, with the holidays coming I have much more time than before and my activity will increase (too my activity in playing video games ). Thanks to the holidays I felt able to take two minister jobs instead of only one.

Dan: What are your plans as MoD?

MCKitkat: The current plans are:

1: Inform the population about our battles, that's why I decided to set up the priority system and thanks to boer jan, who made the pictures, it is working. Only problem is that due to the TW we lost our MPP's and so no orders except fight for Belgium right now.

2: Coordinate the TW, (which already failed, we lost 1 to 87 🙁).

And lastly, help our allies in their battles. I'm willing to give CoT battles a higher priority than our own battles if our damage is really needed.

Dan: In my experience the MoD and MoFA have tended to have differing opinions when it has come to difficult and aggressive negotiations. How will you ensue that you balance your views on these matters?

MCKitkat: I will try and coordinate with the rest of the cabinet , but depending on the situation, going for either a diplomatic or an military action, (if we have any military influence...) but I will try to stay as neutral as possible and only take drastic decisions at the very end.

Dan: You seem to be a very active and knowledgeable player. Who have been the people that have influenced and assisted you in the game?

MCKitkat: There are a lot, so i really can only name a few. Mittekemuis helped me in the beginning, she was always ready to answer my questions Nohjis gave me good governmental advice, same like NLSP. BrunoCND introduced me into the military, etc. etc.

There are really a lot of people and I'm certain that I already offended some people because I did not mention them 😃

Dan: So how did you come to meet you eWife?

MCKitkat: hehehe That is a funny story. It happend that, MaartenW was selling her so, I bought her, for 5 camels and 2 Kit Kat’s. Shortly after, I released her. But before that, she had protected me against the evil forces (namely my eDad, Konrad and some others). Then Konrad was annoying us with his annoyance because he did not accept that I fell in love with Aniisha. I started to annoy him, and moments before I wanted to run away with her, Konrad married us.

But besides that I really love my eWife, she had always protected my from the evils that I already mentioned somewhere and even though she lives in polygamy, I'm happy with her. 🙂

Dan: How did Yannis come to be your eDaughter? And, what is she like?


That's a trap!

Again, and this story will certainly repeat, MaartenW did sold her. Before someone could buy her I adopted her.

She is lovely and I have much hope in her. She is doing the right things, chatting and making herself some powerful friends. She is making a lot of progress and I would love to see her as CP of eBelgium one time.

I should also mention that she can make me happy with using a picture of Miranda Kerr as profile avatar on the forums

Dan: So who do you think was the best CP of Belgium?

MCKitkat: It would be unfair to all the other CP's to answer the question, everyone did his best to help Belgium. So everyone was the best CP.

Dan: What is your view on the upcoming TW between the eUK and eBelgium?

MCKitkat: It is a good thing to end some of the trollers trolling. The only problem is the important campaigns of our allies, and though I hope it won't happen, we might have to give one day our best to help our allies during the TW.

Dan: I hear that Belgium is under a "Silent PTO". Can you tell us how big a threat that they pose to the country?

MCKitkat: In a country like Belgium, we have many two-clickers and many inactives. We see that at every election, only +/- 100 people vote, and we already have BoL/LCC that is letting strangers without authorization in. The PTO could seriously damage us but we have an halfway secured congress and I'm sure the government will try to secure the congress this month. These things shows that our paranoia helps 😃

Dan: Who do you think should be the next CP of Belgium?

MCKitkat: *cough*me*cough*

I might give it a try. They say that if you get elected as CP you'll get crazy. And because I am already crazy I should be immune (what a lie duh 😛 ). I have some ideas, not big ones, but rather smaller ones to improve the country.

Dan: What do you think of the current government of the eUK and the eUK in general?

MCKitkat: I don't really know what is going on in the UK, I mostly concentrated on eBelgium. Lily Jayne Summers, my only reference for UK things in the past, always told me BigAnt wouldn't be good for CP, but I always abstained. Even the smallest changements can improve things and the fact that he got re-elected proves that his term wasn't that bad. The only thing I am disappointed about is Kravenn missing in the UK MoFA department, It was always fun to talk with Kravenn.

Dan: Would you like to add anything else about yourself or people you know in your closing statement?

MCKitkat: Even though we had our ups and downs, I still love my eParents, but now I have my own eFamily and need to build up my own eLife.

Dan: Thank you for your time MCKitkat. Good luck with your dual ministerial role and good luck with becoming CP sometime soon!

Final Note

Tomorrow you will get to read what Yannis, one of the newest members of the Belgian community and current MoHA had to say.

Till then! o7



NLSP Day 1,847, 09:12

looking forward to tomorrow ^^

Chihiroh Day 1,847, 09:35

Hail Daddy! (:

tommot Day 1,847, 09:56

NICE! : )

And also looking forward to the next article.

lancer450 Day 1,847, 10:01


Rican Day 1,847, 12:46

Dan/nad Wilshire (ecofreak) has skills

Cotarius Day 1,847, 13:30

Very nice articles

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,848, 08:28

Good interview

MaryamQ Day 1,848, 21:58

Nice reading about the new generation of eBelgians.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,863, 17:22

voted 😉

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