Taco Party! Win $1,000,000cc in prizes!!

Day 4,590, 05:32 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

You've been invited to the taco party! And we've got a lot of money laying around!

Don't ask us where we got it from, you don't want to know.

Come on in!

You're late, and it's been rather lonely without you. So why not join in on our awesome competitions!!??

We've got 4 categories in total, each one unique and fun!:

Poetry jam!
Tell us a poem, bonus points for making it about eRepublik!

Laughing corner! Make us laugh! Tell us a joke! We all look silly giggling in this corner, but I don't care!!
BUT! No jokes that make fun of eRepublik (such as updates, admins, etc.) or other citizens/countries! Don't break the eRepublik rules!

We're all around the campfire! Tell us a story, maybe about your favorite taco or the time you traveled in an intergalactic spaceship to remove those dirty burritos from existence. Whatever story you may have, tell it! It can be as long as you would like - but we don't need another bee movie script 😉

And last, but certainly not least: THE ART ROOM!
Share your eRepublik art for the world to see, in the art room! It can be a custom avatar you made, a fanfic art, or something vaguely erepublik related if you tilt your head and squint your eyes. MUST be pg-13, eRepublik related, and follows all their rules!

You can enter the competitions here:

Each category holds $250,000cc in prizes
First place wins $150,000cc!
Second prize wins $75,000cc!
Third place wins $25,000cc!
You can win in more than one category, and your prize will be the sum of every category you win in!

Rules 🙁
-You may only enter each category once, up to 4 entries in total.
-You must enter by 23:59 on day 4597!
-All entries must follow eRepublik rules.
-Entries made in the comments below will not count; all entries must be submitted at https://www.eusadoi.com/DOI/TacoParty .

The winners
The Interior team will choose their top 5 favorites for each category and YOU will vote on the winners!!

The party with the most winning entries will be awarded with 50,000 Q7 tacos for their party!

Thanks for playing o7 See you on the other side,

Secretary of the Interior

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