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T. B. Hat's Picture Variety hour #4

Day 2,161, 18:33 Published in Australia Australia by T. B. Hat

Hello all,

Welcome to this week’s first Picture Variety hour! I know it may not take you an hour to read… or an hour for me to make… but I still like the name! This one will be all about my favourite animal, puppies! I know I’ve done some puppies before, but they’re just so great! Don’t worry cat fans, you’ll get yours soon enough 🙂 So enjoy!

Starting off with black Labs puppies, as requested by LanyIsLost.

Naw! (get it 😛 )

A black and chocolate lab

Hahaha! I thought it was cute!

Now time for some more husky pups! They’re just so damn cute!

This one’s name id Percy

A red husky!

He looks a little guilty

Now for one of my favourite breed of dog, beagles! They’re the cutest security dog around!

Not too sure what’s in his mouth, but it’s almost as big as he is!



Lastly, a super cute gif sent to me by imPurified, thanks so much!

I can’t stop watching

That's all for this picture variety hour! Thank you for reading, I hope you guys like puppies as much as I do! Enjoy yourselves today! 🙂

If you liked it, please vote and comment. Leave me comments suggesting things you’d like to see, doesn’t have to be cute.

- T. B. Hat

IRC: FattenedPuppies



lord braddy
lord braddy Day 2,161, 18:59

NAAAAAAAAW. I have always had a soft spot for dogs. I recently got a Husky cross between white German Shepard. best dog ever!

Herzsprung1 Day 2,161, 19:08

i prefer cats - but, awww, cute dogs 🙂

Irv Noyb
Irv Noyb Day 2,162, 01:36

D'awwww puppehs :3

Sukraa Day 2,162, 02:03

So cute! I love dogs :')
However cats are epic too 😃

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,162, 02:24

...i want another dog now 🙁

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