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Synesi has left the building!

Day 1,865, 17:33 Published in USA USA by Synesi

You know in Men in Black where there is the moment where an agent just looks into the stars and knows that it's his time to retire,

Synesi and Fhaemita*

It's the same thing for me except I start writing retirement articles in my mind while I'm in the shower.

Ok shower does not equal staring at stars, regardless, it is time for me to put eRep on the back burner. Starting on January 1, I will become a two-clicker. I no longer have the time to spend hours per day dedicated to eRep.
--Some History of My eLife--
Military Beginning
I have been playing eRep since May of 2010, that is 2 years and 7-iish months. I have been active for the entirety of that period. I started as a private in TC and worked my way all the way up to Commanding Officer of the Corps. I like to joke that my prime motivation for working my way up in TC was to get the greet message that OPS and higher get in TC's irc channel.

Party Politics
Later on, It was a great experience to work as Comm Director of the USDP, the spiritual precursor to AMP. It was there where I first met party titans such as Haliman, SVV, John Jay, and Josh Hoss. It was my first experience in party politics and these guys took me under their wing. I later assisted the AMP as it got on it's feet and I am glad to see AMP come as far as it has.

Foreign Affairs
For 2 or 3 months I was a part of the State Department’s Ambassador program and I got to meet some very cool guys from Romania. I would highly recommend signing up for that program. It really will broaden your horizons.

Military Conclusion
Six months ago, I was ready to quit the game, not a rage quit, but the bitterness and resentment was really coming to a head. And I just wanted to leave it all behind and not look back. I have never been one to make rash decisions, so I waited it out, I gave eLife a chance to give me a different path. It came to me in the form of Flight Training. When the offer came to me, I accepted it out of a “Meh, I’m done here, I’m willing to give anything a shot.” That shot became the highlight of my eRep career.

eAlcohol should not be consumed by eMinors

I began logging in every day because I wanted to, not because I was obligated to. When one door closes, another surely opens. I felt a pride that I had not felt for a long time. I proudly serve my eCountry and Flight Training will live and prosper long after I have gone. Flight Training IS the premier military training program of the eUnited States. Hundreds of recruits have entered our doors and and thousands more will follow. I could not be prouder of what Flight Training has accomplished in 6 short months(though, I can hardly take all the credit for that, we have an absolutely incredible officer corps).

I view eRep in terms of relationships. The people you have met, the people you see and admire. I have many friends and few enemies because I would rather talk with someone than ignore them(with very few exceptions.) There is a list of people that I want to publicly acknowledge for how they have influenced and made my eLife better.
In no particular order:

CivilAnarchy: You are a cool guy and an incredible leader. I am glad to know that our country had individuals such as you.
Israel Stevens: Interacting with you showed me how my past prejudices had affected my judgements, I am glad that I can now call you my friend. I will buy you a beer someday.
AutumnsDawn: A beacon of reason in a world of chaos. Thank you for listening to my rants and for all the advice you have given me.
A^2: You were the Sec of State when I joined the Ambassador program and you gave me a taste of what international politics entails. Thank you for that experience.
Firo and Avruch: We had been frenemies for a long time due to the alliances we chose, I am glad that we are now friends.
Kria Erikson: If there is any hope for those who are still shrouded in darkness and paranoia, it is you. The entire country hopes that they will utilize your light. Metaphors aside, you are one of my dearest friends and you have made this game so much better for me and countless others. *hugs*
Potato: I knew you since you were yay big. You are probably one of the most ambitious individuals in this game, good luck and may the force be with you.
Morrigan Alexandros and Gryphon Skull: My two greatest friends and best advisors. I have cherished the interactions we have had over the past couple years.
Cerb: I think you were the SecDef when I joined USAF, your advice was invaluable and interacting with you was a joy. You can be my wingman anytime.
Ralphynopants: Perpetual badass who has always idled in my channels. Always there to talk to when I was fed up with the establishment.
Josh C Allen: One of my oldest and best friends, always having a good time and allowing other to do the same. Keep on rocking Josh.
Sean V: I don’t think you check eRep anymore, but in case you do. You came with me even though we had no guarantee of success. Your trust and friendship meant so much to me 🙂
Oblige: Probably one of my first “elitist” friends 😛 Thanks for showing me another side of this game.
pfeiffer: Boogeyman, kingmaker, ra’s al ghul. People call you many names, but you were never afraid to tell me how it was, and anybody who does that is invaluable.
creitzal: When I first joined USAF, you were probably the first friend I had there. Thank you for that and you did a fantastic job with Air Force.
SVV and John Jay: You guys are probably insulted that I included you on the same line 😛, but you guys were two of my earliest friends from my stints with party politics and I am glad that we are still in touch.
Haliman: My perpetual bro in the AMP, we have had many good times. Halidizzle o/
Jon Malcom: They will tell stories of our bromance.
Josh Whitehead: Yours is and always was my favorite talk radio show. You and Jon were excellent together.
Jack Mensley: You always made me laugh, and I have known you since that day that you were the best man in AQ’s eWedding(even though you don’t remember that 😑)
Goalie: You were in a similar position to me once, you really were great to talk to when times were rough.
ishabad: the salvation of the eUSA lies with you 😐
kolv1k: I could share my frustrations with you on how things were and I appreciate the discussions we had 🙂
hawkie: Also one of my oldest friends here, always speaking your mind and calling people out. Any group that has you is sure to be a better place.
AQ: My eBro. Brotha from anotha motha. The Pillow will never be forgotten.
Fhaemita: My right hand man in Flight Training. I could not have asked for a better XO. I am perfectly content to leave Flight Training in your hands.
Plout: We have been hanging out for a long time now, one of these days I will have to let you beat my ass in Dawn of War.
[Your Name Goes Here]: I had alot of trouble in choosing which people to mention on this list and I could not name everybody and I know I missed some people that should be on the list. I heart all of you.

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. But I don’t regret meeting any of you

eRep is just a game, but I believe that the person you play as is a representation of the kind of person you want to be.
Be the person worth knowing.

Peace out eFriends

*Synesi not actually pictured



potato134 Day 1,865, 17:47


potato134 Day 1,865, 17:48


Kria Erikson
Kria Erikson Day 1,865, 17:53

i got hugs ^___^


Inwegen Day 1,865, 18:07

Potentially the worst news I received as CP. ;___;

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,865, 18:09

You're the man Synesi. I'm sad you are leaving. Who else will keep me in check? : P

MazzyCat Day 1,865, 18:19

Another bright spot growing dim... 🙁

Gryphon Skull
Gryphon Skull Day 1,865, 18:47

Hey Syn. I knew this was coming, but I'm say to see the day finally arrive. eRep will be a lesser place without you.

Take care my friend.

Thedillpickl Day 1,865, 18:48

Crap, another one...

Good luck in RL, hope it treats you well.

sagethor Day 1,865, 18:52

This came out just as I graduated from Flight Training. 🙁

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 1,865, 19:08


Cthulhu.. Day 1,865, 19:24


morningblur Day 1,865, 20:07

I never had the pleasure of talking with you, but what you have done for this country is well known and you are well deserving of the utmost respect. Thank you for all that you have done, take care and enjoy your extra time in real life.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,865, 20:37

later dood, take it easy.

creitzell Day 1,865, 20:40

Well, damn. You will be missed.

Haliman Day 1,865, 20:49

No. You aren't leaving.

Oblige Day 1,865, 21:19

I logged on to set orders and it broke my heart to read this instead.

Good luck with real life and take pride in knowing you've built something tremendous in Flight Training 🙂

fingerguns Day 1,865, 21:19


Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,865, 21:25


BOOOO is right.

Nuriessa Day 1,865, 22:54

Syn, I watched you take your first steps in TC and watched you bloom and grow under my command. You have always had a special place in my heart. No matter where you have gone or what you have chosen to do amazing things come out of it. Best of luck being a two clicker, it gets kind of lonely sometimes. All my love and respect < O Nuri

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,866, 00:19

Thank you for taking me as your XO in flight Training.
You'll be missed

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,866, 01:18

It's a shame to see you leave. I have only been back to the game for less than a month, but you have been one of the most active and helpful people I have seen. Cheers, and best wishes to you in all your future endeavours.

The spot above is pasted from your more recent article.

"eRep is just a game, but I believe that the person you play as is a representation of the kind of person you want to be. Be the person worth knowing."
~ You said it best here. We do not always act as the person worth knowing or as the person we want to be, but the efforts we make are the core of it. Everyone here strvies to be what they want to be, consciously or unconsciously, and in this we see some true measure of everyone we meet here.



Gaara Killah
Gaara Killah Day 1,866, 01:34

Synesi = total bro. He and I had some really good talks. I know that he will be missed by many including myself.

Plisi64 Day 1,866, 02:33

eGandhi is leaving the game 🙁

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,866, 04:10

You were always a guy who knew how to play this game better than a lot of others. We could all use a lesson from your eLife.
Rest easy Comrade, and hopefully you'll be back one day.

greeling Day 1,866, 07:19

But who will be my VP now :'( Im gonna miss you so much

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,866, 09:33


David North
David North Day 1,866, 09:58

bye Synesi, you were my first MU Commander, and one of best (besides Creitzell and emdoublegee 😛) in eUS so thank you for allowing me to become an eAirman

Cstarlight21 Day 1,866, 10:27

This is very very sad news. We may not have always agreed but you always made this place brighter. Despite our differences, I am going to miss you Syn. Take care out there. I wish you nothing but the best of luck on whatever you do next.


Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,866, 11:22

Do Good Things.


emdoublegee Day 1,866, 12:21

Good luck man, i'll miss working with you!

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,866, 12:57

Hail Synesi and Hail Flight Training.

You will always be my greatest coup. 🙂

BTTrambly Day 1,866, 15:31

NOOO! Good luck Syn, hope you poke your head around IRC every now and then to say Hi

Rushaun Day 1,866, 18:07

We'll take care of FT for you. We'll continue to make it shine just as how you have taught us. Good Luck in RL

AutumnsDawn Day 1,866, 18:30

I'm glad that you are remaining a 2 clicker, you have done great things and your high level of activity will be missed.

AdmiralQuasar Day 1,866, 22:12

The lights have been hit for the last time. Nekkid Bros 4 lyfe mayne. o/

Sean Virden
Sean Virden Day 1,869, 08:41

Thanks for all the good times bro, I wish you luck in your endeavors.


Sean Virden
Sean Virden Day 1,869, 14:16

also: love that you mentioned ishabad lol.

Cotarius Day 1,871, 23:00

Have fun in RL and best wishes for 2013

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,876, 05:18


T_T WHY!?!

Synesi Day 1,911, 13:24

I'm gonna test this on you.

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,952, 15:56

No what? Come back immediately!

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