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SWIDAH - Important updates and useful information

Day 1,756, 17:26 Published in Switzerland Bulgaria by chukcha

For more information regarding the project, please click the image above.

Hello Switzerland!

In this article I’m going to inform you about the latest news regarding the SWIDAH project.

Originally, the idea was to ask bigger countries citizens to donate food to our organization and then we give it to swiss citizens.

More information about how the project was started -
SWIDAH - The start and information

Not long after we started the giveaways the food from donations was gone and we had to decide what to do.

Me and Psihihi have decided to support the project with our own funds in order to keep giving food to swiss citizens and raised the food pack to 1000 hp/person.
Not long after that our beloved friend and colleague hoffman12, a member of SWIDAH, left the game.

More than 2 months have passed since we started the project.
What we accomplished for that time is:

Published 33 giveaway articles!
Processed over 557 requests!
Distributed over 34940 Q5 Food or in other words more than 340 000 health points to Swiss citizens!

That we all accomplished with our own funds and the help of a few donors.

If you want more detailed information, containing what we distributed in every single article
Check our report sheet

Thanks to our CP - Lotus Black and her reform in Ministry of Health from now on SWIDAH is going to be 50% co-financed from government which means we’ll be able to give 2000 hp to every person that comments our articles.

Additional Information

It will be great if you add members to your friend list in order to communicate faster. Friend request can be completed in few seconds and it can save us valuable time. For all information or help you can contact us via IGM or using #SWIDAH on Rizon.

This is everything for now. We will keep you in touch with every single change. o/

SWIDAH Members:Psihihihi,chuckha


Lotus Black
Lotus Black Day 1,756, 17:35

I'm Lotus Black, and I approve this message.

(always wanted to write that) \o/

David North
David North Day 1,756, 19:57


Hunter4Life123 Day 1,756, 21:15

lotus, you crack me up : D

thanks for the update, chukcha

Gucio Day 1,757, 01:13

Nice update!

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,757, 05:11

This is great!
Stronger SWIDAH, stronger Switzerland!

trukork Day 1,757, 07:37

I'm loving you ! :>

LouisLionel Day 1,757, 10:58

Big Vote

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,757, 12:17

Big vote x2

Hoffman12 Day 1,766, 05:10

I am hoffman12 and I am back! o7 😃

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