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Day 1,895, 07:15 Published in Romania Romania by Real Vasi

Nu ratati interviul saptamanii: Interviu cu J.B..

Esti un incepator care intampina greutati in a tine pasul cu ceilalti?!
Are you a nOOb having a hard time keeping up with others?!

Esti un Dinozaur fara noroc in joc?!
Are you a Dino with no luck in game?!

Ti-ai dat seama ca e_viata e dura si nu stii ce sa faci?!
You realised that e_life is tough and don't know what to do?!

Iata solutia:
Here is the solution:
11 Lucruri de care ai nevoie pentru a supravietui si avansa in eRepublik
11 Things you need to survive and advance in eRepublik
1. Magnificator pentru bOOb's. (bOOb Magnifier)

2. Indicator "Interzis Bulshit-ului". (No Bullshit sign)

3. Detector de Bullshit (in cazul in care indicatorul "Interzis Bullshit-ului" nu functioneaza). (Bullshit Detector (in case No Bullshit Sign fails))

4. Bune cunostinte in geometrie. (Good Geometry Knowledge)

5. Aptitudini in disimulare. (Dissimulation skills)

6. Scaun vesel. (Happy Chair)

7. Gaina fara cap care face oua de aur. (Headless Chicken with Golden Eggs)

8. Rabdare si auto control. (Pacience and Self Control)

9. Bune aptitudini de luptator. (Good Fighting Skills)

10. Damage mare. (Big damage)

11. Muschi mari. (Big Muscles)

Nu ratati interviul saptamanii: Interviu cu J.B..



CornelB Day 1,895, 07:20

Big muscles are REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALY important.

Cosmin Obreja
Cosmin Obreja Day 1,895, 07:39

yeah, reaaaly important


direct x
direct x Day 1,895, 07:46

nothing is more important than big muscles.

Real Vasi
Real Vasi Day 1,895, 07:47

So there is something more important than big muscles: Nothing. (:

xenophob Day 1,895, 08:22


Iulian.xxl Day 1,895, 08:32

muschi mari - cat mai mari

Rozan Zibar
Rozan Zibar Day 1,895, 09:27

muschi mari 😁))))

Vlad Sabau
Vlad Sabau Day 1,895, 11:34

time to workout : ))

Didei Day 1,895, 11:40


Bielo Hatman
Bielo Hatman Day 1,895, 12:46

WTF awesome muscles... 😁)

buru Day 1,896, 01:51

la sala toata lumea!!!

Superferro Day 1,896, 02:47


aniujual Day 1,896, 04:24

Where do I find a gym which such ... muscles ?

Real Vasi
Real Vasi Day 1,896, 04:30

aniujual: Finders keepers. : P

Krontzo Day 1,897, 23:04

yeah, muscles are reaaaly important 🙂::
but the National Rank also: Krontzo's "National rank: 69" today ::PP::DD::

Mytaa Day 1,897, 00:20

ha ha ha
stiam eu ca nu am dat subs degeaba

Wolf333a Day 1,897, 03:18


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