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Super Bowl 47

Day 1,893, 13:09 Published in USA USA by USMarineCorps

Who will win Super Bowl 47?
In the battle of the Harbaughs, the Ravens will come out on top.
In Ray Lewis' last game, he will once again another Super Bowl Ring! Why? The Ravens have a very efficient passing game, with Flacco, and there power wide-outs. If they Ravens get good coverage and cant get the ball dow the field, the have Ray Rice. ith his running and Flaccos arm, the Ravens will win 21 to 17.



wingfield Day 1,893, 19:16

Niners fan, here!

USMarineCorps Day 1,899, 21:31

Sorry Wingfield. I'm a Redskins fan but I'm going with the ravens

Chase Mason Mikeals
Chase Mason Mikeals Day 1,901, 09:37

lol hmm, never seen at super bowl article on erep 😛 NINERS GONNA WHOOP *$#

USMarineCorps Day 1,904, 20:39

I was right.

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