Suggestions for Anniversary Of Erepublik

Day 3,642, 10:03 Published in Poland Poland by iDiod

Hello friends and admins 🙂
I have few suggestions for Anniversary and hope admins will read and make this 😃

1.Give to all players in low divs for a week IK pack
(Make some fan to all players not only for visa players)

2.Make discount -50% to all packs
(In anniversary day put for sale all packs with discount)

3.Pls dont make some stupid days of tanking or all day epics
(Because this will make more disbalance,strong and rich players will be stronger and for poor and weak will nothing change)

4.Pls dont give boosters,rockets,gold and cc too
(Because this will make more disbalance and nothing will change in game)

5.Upgrade for free training grounds to all players who havnt yet upgrade

6.Make discount -80% to Rocket factories
(290 gold for q5 rocket is too much and the more players will have this factories
the more will better for economy because they will buy q1-q6 weps for boosters)

7.Make some tournament between countries

8.Make mu tournament

9.Make many interesting missions 😃

10.Ban all players who will say that my suggestion is shit 😛

P.S Im too lazy to write more suggestion 10min for article is too much 😃

Admins anniversary party